IKEA x Sonos Speakers To Arrive In August, Will Support AirPlay 2

You heard of the collaboration and now here they are, the IKEA x Sonos Speakers. After much anticipation, Sonos finally serves up some details on the products born out of this collaboration between the flatpack furniture giant and the American speaker maker. For starter, two products were announced: a table lamp/speaker hybrid called Symfonisk table […]

Infinity Gauntlet Found Itself Another Use, Now As A 3D Wall Lamp

Avengers: Endgame is closing in fast and you know what it means, it means it time to get all crazy over Marvel merchandises, particularly those related to Avengers (like, duh? Obviously). And you can start with this: Infinity Gauntlet 3D Wall Light from 3DLightFX. It won’t be available until May, but you can secure a […]

That’s Not A Bong, It Is Sony’s New Candlelight Lamp Bluetooth Speaker

What looks suspiciously like a Bong is actually Sony’s new LSPX-S2 Glass Sound Speaker. The LSPX-S2 is the second Glass Sound Speaker following the LSPX-S1 introduced a couple of years ago, but this time, it is less silly looking – thanks to a little more curves. LSPX-S2 was announced on the 8th, but strangely, it […]

Fallout 76 Vault Boy LED Lamp Glows Green, Set The Mood For The Game

Fallout 76, like any other Fallout video game, will be one that is bleak and somber because, post-apocalypse. Hence, if you really want to get the mood set for the game’s November release, you should not pass on this: Official Fallout 76 Vault Boy LED Lamp. Why? Because, it is the Vault Boy, duh, and […]

Chainsaw Desk Lamp Is Just About The Coolest Thing To Happen To A Lamp

”Do you wake up, worrying about your lamp that it does not have enough testosterone and doesn’t represent you as a man?” Those were the words from our favorite madcap British garage inventor, plumber-turn-YouTube celebrity Colin Furze. So, what did he do about the lack of manliness in a lamp? Well, he fuses a chainsaw […]

These Guys Want To Sell You Lamps Made Out Of Oil-Paper Umbrella

If you are into repurposed objects, the Umbrellamp may be just right up your alley. Umbrellamp is exactly what it sounds like: an umbrella-based lamp. Though it is not just any brolly; it is based off traditional Chinese umbrella that has been around centuries. For the uninitiated, traditional Chinese umbrella consists of a complex opening […]

Foscarini’s Iconic Dolmen Light Redesigned To Be Brighter And More Energy Efficient

The last millennium have seen many awesome lighting design. Unfortunately, as brilliant as they were, they were on outdated, less energy efficient technology. But. But… now we know there is at least one brilliant design from the 90s that has gotten a makeover to keep up with modern lighting technology and that’s the Dolmen light. […]

Meet The World’s First Auto-Balanced Lamp That Can “Fly” At Your Fingertips

If you are looking for a new way of giving your desk a little light, here’s something that may pique your interest. Meet CYRO Self-balancing Elegant Bird Lamp. As the product name implies, it is a lamp designed in the likeness of a bird, and it self-balances… on its beak which looks kind of magical. […]

Floating Cloud Lamp Silently Kicks Up A Storm On Your Desk With Lights

Designer Richard Clarkson is known for a lot artsy stuff, but nothing from his portfolio stood out more than his cloud sculptures. You see, Richard here is kind of like X-Men’s Storm. He can whip up quite a storm. Granted, he won’t do damages like Ororo Munroe does when she is really pissed. His is […]

Seletti Banana Lamp Gives Us Another Reason To Love Bananas

Everyone like banana for different reasons. Some love it because it is loaded with vitamins, some love it as a fruit and then there are some who love it because it brightens their day. Ok. Maybe regular, organic bananas can’t light up the dark (if it can, don’t ever eat it!), but the Seletti Banana […]