Light Soy - Soy Light Lamp by Heliograf Studio

An Australian design studio, Heliograf Studio, has created a quirky light to shine a light on the problem with single-use plastic. No, Heliograf did not create a straw light which, honestly, would be a whole lot easier but also a lot less interesting.

Light Soy - Soy Light Lamp by Heliograf Studio

I know one-time-use straws have gotten the attention of people when a discarded straw was found jammed inside the nostril of a sea turtle. But in reality, there are countless types of single-use plastics.

Plastic utensils are perhaps the most common and then there is this: fish-shaped soy sauce package. This adorable soy sauce that came with takeaway and prepacked sushi is also made of plastic.

While it is totally recyclable in most instances, its tiny size prevents them to be recycled properly. If anyone’s interested to learn more, Heliograf has highlighted this problem HERE.

Light Soy - Soy Light Lamp by Heliograf Studio

Anyhoo… in order to turn people’s attention toward this other single-use plastic, the studio created Light Soy. However, the original Light Soy lamps are less impactful as they were made with recycled plastic of low quality and questionable origin.

With the new Light Soy though, it is made of certified recycled ocean-bound plastics. Each Light Soy, which mimics the shape of the iconic soy sauce containers but only comically bigger, is made of 75% ocean plastic.

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Moreover, for each lamp shipped, Heliograf will fund additional clean-ups, equivalent to 2 kilograms of ocean plastic collected in coastal regions of South East Asia – which kind of explains the price of the lamp.

Speaking of price… Light Soy can be had as a portable or pendant lamp from, priced from US$199. It is not cheap but lets be honest here. Can you really say no to such an adorable light?

Light Soy - Soy Light Lamp by Heliograf Studio

Images courtesy of Heliograf Studio.

via Hypebeast.