What is the first thing you do when you reach the campsite after setting up your tent and the cosy outdoor air mattress? Probably sleep. Why? Because you are probably out of breath from inflating the bed, either using a hand pump or by the power of your lungs. Not exactly the scenario one has hoped for when in the beautiful great outdoor, does it? This is where Max Pump 2 thinks it can help. Max Pump 2 is a breath-saving camping/traveling gadgets that take the legwork out of inflating anything thing that needs to be inflated, be it a boat or a mattress.

Max Pump 2 Portable Electric Air Pump

It is super compact (palm size), lightweight (160g, or about 5.64oz), waterproofed (IPX6) and packs a 3,600 mAh battery that good for up to an hour of operation. The device, like many of today’s gadgets, can share its juice with your mobile devices too. More importantly, it is a portable electric pump designed specifically for outdoor use. With super pressure pump, Max Pump 2 can achieve a flow rate of up to 300L/min and a pressure of up to 2,100pa. A performance good enough to inflate an air mattress in a minute, or an air bed in four.

Max Pump 2 Portable Electric Air Pump

Perhaps the most brilliant thing about this gadget is, it can double as a vacuum device for sucking the air out of vacuum bag, cutting storage space by over 50 percent. So, yeah. It is not just for camping; it is good for traveling too. Thanks to the three adapters included with the pump, it will have just about any inflatable covered. Inflatable pool, air couch, life saver, yoga bag – you name it. It looks futuristic too – lent to it by an inductive switch, affording it a sleek, button-less design.

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Max Pump 2 Portable Electric Air Pump

If you are enamored by Max Pump 2, you may want to consider picking up a unit from Kickstarter where it is having a crowdfunding campaign. And the price? A modest 25 bucks. Yes. Really. With a price this competitive, it is not hard to see why the campaign has garnered nearly 300 percent funding in just 12 hours. Hit the jump to watch the pitch video to learn more.

Max Pump 2 Portable Electric Air Pump

Max Pump 2 Portable Electric Air Pump

Max Pump 2 Portable Electric Air Pump

All images courtesy of Flextail Gear.

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