Shine Turbine Is A Portable Wind Turbine That Fits Into Your Backpack

If you use gadgets while out in the wilderness, a generator or a solar panel (or both) is a must-have in addition to the usual high-capacity power banks. But if you want to travel light and still be able to harvest free energy rain or shine, day or night, the Shine Turbine from Canadian startup …

New Igloo Coolers The Beatles Coolers And Cooler With Built-in Speakers

Igloo Coolers have more The Beatles coolers for fans of the legendary 60s pop-rock outfit. While last year’s offering only had Playmate coolers, this year’s lineup has expanded to include a cooler backpack and a cooler tote, and boy do they look cool! Pun not intended.

Here’s A New Roof Tent From Porsche Tequipment For Porsche Cars

Experience the exhilaration of sports cars in a way and places you never imagine – camping in the great outdoors – with the new roof tent from Porsche Tequipment. This practical adventure equipment transforms a regular Porsche sports car into makeshift accommodation in any wilderness of your choosing.

Perfect Camping Gadget: ChillZ Pro Portable Fan With Bluetooth Speaker And Lantern

When summer comes, nature beckons you to embrace the wild but the sweltering heat can be quite bitch to deal with. Thankfully, there is an invention called a portable fan. Better yet, there is this thing called ChillZ Pro which will not only have your outdoor, on-the-go cooling needs covered, but it will also have …

Cooler Keg: It’s A Cooler, A Keg, And A Draft System Rolled Into One

Here’s a project by two people who are super passionate about draft beer. So passionate that they want to have the draft system wherever they go. And with the deep desire, a sleek, ultra-portable draft bar system called Cooler Keg is born. Cooler Keg is a three-way marriage between a classic picnic cooler, a keg, …