Don’t worry. We are not asking you to give us cash tips (though we won’t mind if you do, btw). We love to new and exciting things! So whether you have a product of your own or stumble across some worthy products that you want us to feature, just use the handy form below to touch base with us.

Though we have to stress that we don’t feature everything under the sun as only the best (or even the quirkiest) makes it in. Sorry. We had to. Cos’ time is always not on our side. There quite a handful of submissions rolling in each day, so we have to be selective and therefore, we cannot guarantee that every submission will get published. So are we cool? 😉

Important update: as crowdfunding becomes popular, it also has its fair share of black sheep. As such, with immediate effect, we will be even more selective when it comes to crowdfunding hat tips. Sorry (again). We want our readers to get real gadgets, tech and lifestyle news and not being scammed of their hard-earned dough in the event they decided to commit. And more importantly, we don’t want to look like a total ass or idiot who are responsible in promoting ‘fishy’ projects. In the coming months, we will be revisiting some of the posts we have made pertaining to crowdfunding projects and update them according.

(Another) important update: If you are submitting a project, please send us images, preferably in high-res or provide a link to where we can find them. We have quite a bit of submissions going on and there are chances that we might give it a pass if can’t find any images.

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