Not all people love the great outdoor, but no one adores mosquitoes. That’s for sure. Mad scientists may beg to differ though, especially if the mozzies were sealed inside a prehistoric amber. Anywho, mosquitoes are bad (mostly), but not all of them and some of them actually plays an important part in the larger ecosystem. It is indeed a Hedgehog’s dilemma. Regardless, no one would want these pesky blood suckers to dampen their day which is why there is Die Mosquitoes Candle.

Die Mosquitoes Candle

Well, it does not actually annihilate mosquitoes; instead, it is a citronella candle and citronella is known to mask the scents, namely carbon dioxide and lactic acid in humans, that attracts insects. So, it is not an anti-aircraft gun that take out mosquitoes in the air. But you get the idea how useful it will be in preventing these nasty flying creatures from destroying your day. Die Mosquitoes Candle is made in the good’ol US of A from Soy Wax, and it boasts a burn time of over 80 hours, so you’d know that you will be pest-free for a very long time.

You can find Die Mosquitoes Candle on Cool Material for $24.95 a pop.

Die Mosquitoes Candle

Note: We suggest that you NOT use citronella in bear country.

Images courtesy of Cool Material.

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