Koolatron Can Vending Fridge

Koolatron Can Vending Fridge
Koolatron Can Vending Fridge | US$129.95 | koolatron.com

if you love vending machines, then you must love Japan – the undisputed land of the vending machines but instead of going all way out to the land of the rising sun to embrace the vending machine culture, why not own one yourself (seriously, sushi is not for everyone)? if that’s what you have in mind, then the Koolatron Can Vending Fridge is the must-have machine that will satisfy your need for a vending machine in your home. instead of a regular compact fridge, you can opt for this mini fridge styled after a real vending machine. however, it is not just the look that’s awesome, as this baby works like the real deal, full size counterpart, except that you won’t be needing those coins to get a can. features include a ten 350ml (12 oz) cans capacity, an internal microcomputer for managing the cooling and vending system, silent thermoelectric cooling system, and it chills cans to zero degree celsius (or 32 degrees Fahrenheit) below ambient room temperature. adding to the realism is the front window that displays what are the beverages that will be dispense in each section. honestly, this is like the coolest mini fridge we saw since the Marshall Fridge and the deal sealer is probably the price: it cost just $129.95 to own. check out a short clip of the Koolatron Can Vending Fridge in action below.

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