Remember the folks who brought you the Japanese craft knife that oozes with style? Well, they are back with yet another alluring fixed-blade pocket knife. Called The TILI (pronounced as TILEE), it shares the same allured as the Aleman.

The TILI Minimalist Fixed-blade Pocket Knife

In fact, there is nothing more to say about The TILI than “wow”. Really. It is that sleek and if you are reading this, I am sure the first image probably had you at hello.

Beyond its good looks, the TILI is built tough for doing what a blade usually does: cutting, scraping, slicing, and you know, the works. And doing so while remaining not overbearing in the look and design departments.

The TILI Minimalist Fixed-blade Pocket Knife

There are no screws, pivots, serrations, clips, locks, or anything that will make it look “too many things are happening.” It is just a knife that looks absolutely gorgeous and does what it supposed to do. Plus, the look there may just make it heirloom worthy.

The blade is made from 1095 high carbon steel with a sheepsfoot profile.

The TILI Minimalist Fixed-blade Pocket Knife

The The TILI Minimalist Fixed-blade Pocket Knife is available with three handle styles: Oaken, Hempen, and Skelen for those who prefer the ultra-minimal skeletal look.

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Once again, the Canada-based knife maker has taken to Kickstarter where you can secure The TILI for at discounted price of 88 Canadian dollars or more (or around US$72).

All images courtesy of Origin Handcrafted Goods.

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