Gentlemen’s Hardware Ax Multi-Tool: Handy Ax With Hidden Tools Inside The Handle

When you are out camping, an ax may come in handy but you probably don’t need one. A regular size ax can be rather intimidating. Thankfully, between “it may come in handy” and “intimidating”, there is this: Gentlemen’s Hardware Axe Multi-Tool.

WESN Marks April 9th As International Knife Sharpening Day

The seldom talked about aspect of owning knives, sharpening, now has its own holiday. Yep. There’s going to be a new holiday and it is called, well, International Knife Sharpening Day. On April 9, it will be the first-ever International Knife Sharpening Day.

The WESN Ukraine-themed Knife Bundles For This Weekend Only

Unless you are living under the ocean rock at the bottom of the Mariana Trench, you should be aware of the unfortunate situation in Ukraine. Now, usually, we don’t want to get involved but our friends over at WESN have friends over in Ukraine that needed help.

Marfione Custom Microtech Hallo III Mini Prototype Knives

Knives are not just functional tools. They are collectibles too. And by collectibles, I mean knives that you will probably never use to cut. Like, would use a knife that costs, say, 5,000 bucks, to cut anything? Probably not. And yes, there is a knife that cost that much.

HITOFURI Japanese Sword Letter Opener: Open Letters The Samurai Way

How many letters do you receive these days? Not many, I would imagine. With that said, a good letter opener is probably not on most people’s “to-buy” list. But that does not stop Nishikan-san from embarking on a journey to create the ultimate letter opener.

Pichi X2 Is A Handy Pocket Tool That Can Deal With Different Sizes Of Bolts And Nuts

Pichi X2 Titanium All-In-One Pocket Tool is NOT yet another multi-tool. It is rather unusual (in a good way, that is) as a multi-tool and as an everyday carry. Yes, it does cutting, screwing, prying. You know, the usuals. However, it has one more trick up its sleeve that most multi-tools failed to address: bolts …

Knyphe Is A Unique Phone Case That Is Also A Stealth For A Pocket Knife

You need a case to protect your phone. You also need to protect yourself with a pocket knife. OK, maybe not to protect yourself but for cutting needs. OK. Maybe you don’t need to carry a knife with you all the time but if you do, there is an upcoming phone case that will satisfy …

Reasons Why Having A Pocket Knife Is Very Practical

There are a lot of gadgets that you can carry around but they are all very different in the functionality they provide. In fact, many gadgets that people choose to carry with them today offer no functionality or practicality at all. Due to technology, the internet, and our deep-seated infatuation with style, we often forget …

Meet Evangelion-Themed Soldering Iron, Box Cutter, And Cutting Mat

That’s right, folks. There are more Evangelion-themed work tools. Joining the myriad of functional tools, which include hand tools, Dremel-like power tools, are the A.T. Field x Hakko Dial-type Temperature Controlled Soldering Iron and A.T. Field x Olfa Cutter NERV Model and A.T. Field x Olfa Cutter Mat A3 NERV Model.