WESN The Real Fun Henry & Co. Looks Like An Heirloom-Worthy Knife

Knife maker WESN has just let someone transform their non-locking slip-joint pocket knife into an heirloom-worthy knife. WESN has invited artist Daren Thomas Magee aka Real Fun, Wow! to infuse his art style into the Henry to result in this: WESN The Real Fun Henry & Co.

NOA Forest Axe Is More Than An Axe. It Is A 9-in-1 Camping/Survival Multi-tool

If you are heading out into the wilderness, the new NOA Forest Axe from Roamer Korea will come in very handy. Designed first and foremost as a chopping tool for your outdoor survival needs, NOA has an axe head that strikes a balance between accuracy and force.

Terrain 365 Invictus Bali Ti Utility Butterfly Knife: Balisong Goes Classy

The mention of a butterfly knife, also known as a Balisong, it conjures up an image of youth in the Elvis cut, leather jacket, and. Wait. No? Just me? Anyways, most of us know what a butterfly knife is. Its distinctive feature is two handles that counter-rotate around the tang to allow the blade to …