Almost – if not all – of WESN products are everyday carry but recently we came across a WESN knife that is far from being an EDC. To be precise, this knife is 10 times far from being an EDC. It is the brand’s iconic Microblade “mistakingly” made 10 times larger.

WESN Megablade The MicroBlade Blown Up 10 Times

The result is a super huge Microblade that is strangely adorable despite of its size. This supersized Microblade is appropriately named… no not Macroblade as I have anticipated, but Megablade. And it is rightly so because, this knife IS A BLADE that is perfect for cutting sandwiches, pies, and even chopping small woods. And believe it or not, it is still pocket-friendly. Well, kind of…

Anyways, as cool as it looks, it is not for sale. At least not yet. Right now, WESN just wants to see how this oversized Microblade looks in the giant hands of Shaqs.

WESN Megablade The MicroBlade Blown Up 10 Times

Images: Facebook (@WESN).

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