Robosen Transformers Megatron Auto-Converting Robot

Robosen Robotics has done it again. After giving us the world’s first auto-converting Transformers Optimus Prime and an incredibly accurate G1 auto-converting Grimlock, it now brings Megatron, the leader of the Decepticons, into the battle. Unfortunately for faithful G1 fans, the Robosen Flagship Megatron Auto-Converting Robot (40th Anniversary Limited Edition) does not convert into a Walther P38 handgun; instead, it transforms into a tank.

Robosen Transformers Megatron Auto-Converting Robot

While a tank may not strike a chord with G1 fans, Robosen’s Transformers Megatron Auto-Converting Robot may change minds. Never mind the alt mode because how can anyone resist anything that auto-converts? Anyways, if you see how it transforms, you’d be sold too. The transition is so seamless it’s almost hard not to be impressed.

The Robosen Flagship Megatron Auto-Converting Robot is the fruit of over 3 years of R&D and, like the previous auto-converting robot toys, the real-life Meg here can obey your commands via app or voice, supporting over 50 commands. Interaction with dear old Meg doesn’t stop there.

The new robotic toy also introduces a new touch response feature, where touching the top of the chest plate or the bottom back areas will trigger unique “responses” by Megatron. Not going to lie, that’s a little weird but OK… Also, as before, it offers 5 programming modes, including block-based, voice, manual command with voice and/or posing it, easy, and PC programming modes. Plus, you can stage engaging scenes through Mini-Theater (with the app).

Robosen Transformers Megatron Auto-Converting Robot

The new auto-converting Transformers toy further boasts a new and more fluid bipedal walking algorithm. In robot mode, Megatron stands 21 inches (53 cm) tall and benefits from 36 high-precision intelligent servo motors powered by no less than 118 microchips, a 6-axis IMU (a 3-axis accelerometer and a 3-axis gyro), and is blessed by the brilliance (literally) of a whopping 112 ultra-bright LEDs.

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In tank mode, Megatron rolls like a real tank should on 4 integrated drive tracks with functional tank treads. It can even shoot projectiles with its main gun. It includes an Optimus Prime paper target for Meg to vent his frustration at always losing to the Autobot leader. It includes 4 pieces of “tank shells” (soft-tipped projectiles), along with the Decepticon leader’s signature Energon sword and Energon mace.

The details that go into this robot toy are on the next level. The Decepticon emblem rotates to the right side up when in either mode. And then there’s the all-important voice that triggers our nostalgia: the voice of the original Megatron, Frank Welker. For this robot toy, Frank stepped into the studio to record over 270 unique lines and phrases. That’s not all. He also left an important mark on Megatron, but more on that in a jiffy.

Robosen Transformers Megatron Auto-Converting Robot

The Robosen Flagship Megatron Auto-Converting Robot you see here is a 40th-anniversary limited edition, available only in 2024, and it includes a commemorative collector’s coin and a 40th-anniversary sticker.

To mark the 40th anniversary of Transformers, 40 units of the auto-converting Megatron will have the chest plate autographed by Frank Welker, the original Megatron voice actor. These 40 units will be shipped with the regular limited-edition units, so whether or not you will get one is all down to luck. This is a catch here.

The Autograph Edition by Frank Welker is only for buyers who order a unit during the pre-sale campaign, which runs from 11 AM ET on April 25, 2024, through to 12 AM ET on May 26, 2024.

The new Robosen Flagship Megatron Auto-Converting Robot (40th Anniversary Limited Edition) is available for pre-order at a special pre-sale price of US$899. After that, it will revert to the original retail price of US$1,199.

Robosen Transformers Megatron Auto-Converting Robot

Images: Robosen Robotics.