Lite-Brite Wall Art Transformers Edition: Lighted Wall Art For Fans Of Transformers

Long before LEGO Art, there was Lite-Brite, a light box with small colored plastic pegs that create a picture created by what were essentially dots. It offers the same gratification as the LEGO Art series but with the boon of being lit. The latest pop culture phenomena to be immortalized by Lite-Brite is Hasbro’s Transformers.

Here’s Transformers Masterpiece MPM-12N Nemesis Prime Nobody Asked For

You know that the Takara Tomy Transformers Masterpiece MPM-12 Optimus Prime collectible figure is based on the 2018 Bumblebee movie. If you watched the movie, you will know that Optimus Prime had a few scenes and you will also know that there was no such thing as a Nemesis Prime aka evil Prime. But that …

NERF LMTD Star Trek Starfleet Type 3 And Type 2 Phaser Blasters

NERF is back with a foam dart-shooting pop culture replica. This time, Star Trek’s Starfleet Type 3 and Type 2 are turned into NERF blasters. The NERF LMTD Star Trek Starfleet Type 3 And Type 2 Phaser Blasters, which are being sold as a set of two, are here in time for the 35th anniversary …

The Final Piece In The Transformers x QUICCS Series Is None Other Than Optimus Prime

Illustrator/toy designer QUICCS, who has turned Soundwave into a DJ, Megatron into a graffiti artist, and G1 Bumblebee into a hip hop/rap artist, has turned Optimus Prime into a boombox-toting rock-out Prime. The Transformers x QUICCS: Optimus Prime is the fourth and concluding piece in the Transformers x QUICCS series.

Star Wars The Black Series Darth Vader Force FX Elite Lightsaber

I am sure this isn’t a surprise to most of us. The Hasbro Star Wars Black Series Darth Vader Force FX Elite Lightsaber is very much expected after the release of The Black Series Darth Vader Helmet and Obi-Wan Kenobi Force FX Elite Lightsaber. It is not a question of “will it happen?” but more …