Gita Cargo-carrying Following Robot Now Has A Little Brother Called Gitamini

Remember the “Squad Mission Support System” for civilians, Gita by Piaggio Fast Forward? While Gita is cool, it is expensive and heavy to handle when it needs to be lifted. Well, the good news is, for those who do not need a full 40 lbs (18 kg) of payload, there is now a smaller, nifty …

Mini Pupper Open-Source ROS Robot Dog: It’s Like Spot, But Very Much Affordable!

Thanks to Xiaomi’s Cyberdog, robot dogs don’t need to cost an arm or a leg, or as much as a small car. Still, a grand and a half is still a lot for some aspiring roboticists and hobbyists.

Segway Introduces Robot Lawnmower With GPS And EFLS That Is Accurate To 2 CM

A robot lawnmower that does without perimeter cable is not new. But Segway’s proposition for a perimeter cable-free navigation is GPS on its Navimow lawnmower robot. I know. GPS’ accuracy is questionable – unless it is military-grade.

After Warning Us About The Dangers Of AI, Tesla Now Wants To Build An AI-powered Humanoid Robot

Tesla’s Elon Musk has revealed that Tesla wants to develop AI-powered humanoid robots after the billionaire tech entrepreneur has been warning us about the dangers of artificial intelligence and how it will one day overtake humans.

Xiaomi Is Getting Into Robotics, Starting With Xiaomi Cyberdog Bionic Quadruped Robot

Ever wish you could own a robotic pet dog that you can take it out for a walk and without having to clean up after it? Technically, you already can – if you have US$74,000 to drop. There are cheaper options, but Aibo is not quite as intelligent as Spot and some robotic dogs are …

Cassie The Bipedal Robot Made History By Running 5 Km Untethered

I think I have less or same “battery capacity” as a bipedal robot. The last time I ran 5.4 km in a Star Wars run, I was all beat up. Cassie, a bipedal robot invented at Oregon State University (OSU) and produced by OSU spinout company, Agility Robotics, made almost the same distance as I …

Envision To Put Its Mochi Electric Vehicle Charging Robot Into Service In June

While Volkswagen is still working on its mobile charging robot, Chinese clean energy company Envision has launched a green charging robot which it said will put into service in June this year.