WESN x P&Co. The Slip-Joint Microblade: As Bold As Brass (Read: You Really Have To Check It Out!)

The WESN x P&Co. collaboration has forged a slick slice of history in the WESN x P&Co. Slip-Joint Microblade. It’s a shiny homage to the Industrial Revolution, crafted from trusty brass—known for aging like fine wine. Limited to just 1000 pieces, this little UK-legal wonder combines Detroit muscle with Birmingham tenacity, sporting a brass handle …

WESN Microblade 3.0 Pocket Knife: The Best Just Got Even Better!

When we first came across WESN, it was all thanks to a charming little fella known as the WESN Microblade. Ever since that fateful day, Microblade has been synonymous with WESN. Just as the original iPhone is iconic to Apple, the Microblade is the quintessential representation of WESN.

WESN Is Giving Away A Buscadero Motorcycle And A Lifetime Supply Of WESN Gear!

For the uninitiated, Father’s Day was started way back in 1910 in the state of Washington. I know. Some say that these “days” are corporate creations to make us spend. Even so, you can’t deny it is one day the world, or at least most parts of the world, that we direct attention to fatherhood, …

WESN The Real Fun Henry & Co. Looks Like An Heirloom-Worthy Knife

Knife maker WESN has just let someone transform their non-locking slip-joint pocket knife into an heirloom-worthy knife. WESN has invited artist Daren Thomas Magee aka Real Fun, Wow! to infuse his art style into the Henry to result in this: WESN The Real Fun Henry & Co.