WESN The Founder’s Line of Knives

In the land of cutting-edge craftsmanship where metal meets art, WESN‘s founder, Billy, conjured up the blueprint of ‘his perfect knife.’ Imagine this: a blade as striking as the midnight sky, forged from the legendary Damasteel Rose DS93X, known for its mesmerizing pattern and unmatched strength. Now, wrap its titanium handle with a touch of magic from the Far East — a green Japanese denim micarta inlay, as unique as a samurai’s armor.

WESN The Founder’s Line of Knives

After years of dreams mingled with steel and sweat, this blade fantasy has taken form. Welcome to The Founder’s Line, WESN’s most exquisite creation to date, featuring the stalwarts of the WESN family: Microblade, Allman, Henry, Samla, and Bornas, each getting a taste of this ultra-premium makeover. Forged in collaboration with Swedish steel legends Damasteel, these knives are not just tools but treasures, each housing the spirit of adventure in its meticulously crafted form.

But what’s a legendary blade without its sheath? Handcrafted Swedish leather sheaths in OD green envelop these jewels, completing their ensemble with a flourish only seen in tales of yore. Each knife in The Founder’s Line is not just a piece of cutting-edge technology but a passage to an era of exquisite craftsmanship and unparalleled quality.

WESN The Founder’s Line of Knives

Grab one of these limited-edition marvels and carry not just a knife, but a piece of art, a fragment of a dream realized, and a companion for life’s adventures, all wrapped up in custom packaging that promises an unboxing like no other. The Founder’s Line — where dreams, steel, and art converge.

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The new WESN The Founder’s Line of Knives is now available at US$250. No, wait. It appears the lovely The Founder’s Microblade is sold out. Ugh 😩

Images: WESN.