miTail animatronic Tail by The Tail Company

Whether you are cosplaying as some furry creature or you have a fetish for tails (not judging. I promised!), The Tail Company has just the right stuff for you. The Tail Company is exactly what it said it is: a company that specializes in making tails. Yup. It’s a thing.

miTail animatronic Tail by The Tail Company

But not just any tail; they animatronic tails. miTail you see here is The Tail Company‘s latest. Via an app, you can make the tail do your bidding.

Yeah. I know. Getting the tail to move with your phone isn’t the most natural thing for a tail bearer.

Thankfully, this new iteration has a new no-phone mode. Switch the tail on, and 60 seconds later, the tail will have a life of its own. It will start moving on its own with varying movements and speeds, interjected with the right amount of pauses.

miTail animatronic Tail by The Tail Company

Other features include removable covers, next-gen super fast USB-C charging, support for power bank charging for 10 hours of use, new D-Clip for natural attachment and easy one-handed attaching and removing, OTA updates beamed straight to the tail, and 20 percent lighter over the brand’s DIGITAiL.

If you are enamored by miTail, you may want to consider joining over 150 backers on Kickstarter in pre-ordering the product.

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Prices start at £105 (or around US$148). The campaign is well over its funding goal and so, it is a go, with estimated delivery to happen sometime in August 2021. The campaign has rolled in over US$40K so far and for those don’t know, this is the third campaign by the company.

miTail animatronic Tail by The Tail Company

Images: The Tail Company.

via Technabob.