And here we are, thinking that custom bicycles couldn’t get anymore crazier than saw wheel bike and one that walks, the Scotty and Matty Crammer gave the world the Pogo Bike.

Custom Pogo Bike is A Hopping Bike

The Pogo Bike, as the dudes called it, literally jumps instead of rolling. It is an entirely new kind of bicycling experience and it opens up to a world of tricks.

For this project, a bicycle’s wheels were swapped for a pair of pogo stick-like, spring loaded “legs”. They are not actual pogo sticks per se, but they are curved blades that share the principle of the running blades used by amputees for competitive running.

Here, have a look at Pogo Bike in action:

Images: YouTube (Scotty Cranmer).

via The Awesomer.

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