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Custom Bike With Real Car Tires Is What Dark Knight’s Bicycle Would Look Like

Bicycles with big, fat tires are all the rage now and to be honest, I will never understand how the extra fat will help in the ride experience both on and off-road. I mean, logically speaking, the wider the contact surface, the harder you will have to pedal, ain’t it? However, notwithstanding my own skepticism, I do somehow find bikes with fat tires oddly attractive. So, just imagine my excitement when I saw this custom bicycle that rolls on actual car tires. Created by Instructables member Mr-Mash, Car Wheel Bicycle, as it is called, was a result of trying to pick up the art of welding. Continue reading Custom Bike With Real Car Tires Is What Dark Knight’s Bicycle Would Look Like

4-wheel Power-assist Electric Bicycle Looks Like A Real Life Car Caricature

What you see here is a bicycle. No, really. It is a bicycle, an electric bicycle to be exact. Built by Swedish dude Mikael Kjellman, PopRide, as it is called, was born out of the desire to have the practicality of bicycle with the comfort and convenience of car. Actually, it is more like a pedal-powered kart because it has four wheels, but that argument is pretty irrelevant. The point is, this unique transportation gets you from point A to point B by means of your own leg power which provides some form of exercise much needed by urbanites. Continue reading 4-wheel Power-assist Electric Bicycle Looks Like A Real Life Car Caricature

Not a Sex Toy: ULV Arion 1 90-MPH Bike

if the Arion 1 bike by University of Liverpool Velocipede (ULV) Team were to break the human-powered land speed record next year, it’d be the world’s fastest and weirdest-looking bike. with no other objects to compare with, you’d think you are looking a piece of sex toy and that look is by no means an accident. like all land speed record bike, it adopts a fully-enclosed design and in this instant, it has an inverted teardrop-shape that will be aerodynamically beneficial to its endeavor, as well as keeping the bugs out of the rider’s face (cos’ having bugs smashing into you at 90 mph is no joke). the rider sits lying as low to the ground as possible inside the aerodynamic cocoon, and relies on a video camera to see what lies ahead. Continue reading Not a Sex Toy: ULV Arion 1 90-MPH Bike

Viks Steel Urban Bicycle

the Viks Steel Urban Bicycle you see here, designed by Estonian engineer Indrek Narusk, has a form that is certainly not everyone’s cuppa. for us, we think it looks pretty cool, but with all due to respect to the designer, we find it rather quirky to have a bike formed from two identical shaped frames and we keep going back to the question “why so?” the bike is made from stainless steel tubes with all the crowns, dropouts and weldments made from the same grade steel. there is no seat tube and the two frames are held together by the head tube and the bottom bracket, which effectively makes this bike a one piece bike – if you discount the wheels, the cog, the pedals, the seat and… you get the idea. so what you get is a pedal-powered ride styled like a cafe racer motorcycle and in the firm (that’s Viks’, if still haven’t get it) own words, make the bike “look extremely sleek and flowy from every point of view.” Continue reading Viks Steel Urban Bicycle

Marrs M-1 Electric Bicycle

Marrs M-1 Electric Bicycle
Marrs M-1 Electric Bicycle | from US$7000.00 | www.marrscycles.com

is this a bicycle or motorcycle? you will be forgiven to think that the M-1 Electric Bicycle from Marrs Electric Cycle Co. is a vintage Harley-Davidson but of course, it isn’t. breaking away from the regular (some say, conservative) design of electric bicycles, which are usually no more than just regular bike stuck with an electric motor and batteries, the M-1 sports a rather radical design that harkens back to the olden day choppers. apart from its standard issue pedal-powered drive train, it is fitted with a three-phase brushless rear hub motor and powered by rechargeable lithium battery packs. Continue reading Marrs M-1 Electric Bicycle

The Frenchman’s Guericiotti by Deus

The Frenchman's Guericiotti by Deus
(photos: Deus Customs) The Frenchman’s Guericiotti by Deus | US$tba | au.deuscustoms.com

it’s easy to make your pedal-powered ride stands out but having it stands out and yet not look silly is not easy. unless you have a ride like the The Frenchman’s Guericiotti by Deus. lovingly put together by DeusCYCLEWORKS, this sweet two-wheel ride features a beautifully re-chromed Guericiotti frame and fork, accented with painted lugs, hand polished B43 wheels with Campagnolo pista hubs wrapped in Continental Gatorskin tires, MKS pedals with toe clips, nitto pearl stem with Soma arc bars wrapped in Dipell bar tape, record head set and pista cranks from Campagnolo with custom chain ring from Cycle Underground, and the Izumi chain finished the pedal-and-chain system. Continue reading The Frenchman’s Guericiotti by Deus

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 accessory: a bike with a holder

14 Bike Co Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Holder 900x515px
(photos: Samsung) Samsung Galaxy Bicycle | US$tba | www.samsung.com

normally, when we talked about tablet accessories, we think stylus, cases and stuff like that but that was before Samsung announced the Samsung Galaxy Bike. Samsung UK has teamed with bespoke bike maker, 14 Bike Co (that’s the bike manufacturer firm’s name) to create this custom hand built pedal power two-wheeler with custom black and white paint job and a removable carbon fiber holder that fits Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1. honestly, i can’t see the point in having this bike-cum-holder accessory except to put the tablet through a test of the elements. apparently, the holder is designed by F1 manufacturers and is touted to be super light weight (125 grams, to be exact) and has a super strong premium finish. Continue reading Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 accessory: a bike with a holder

Cart Bike: tailor-made for your daily grocery shopping trip

Cart Bike 544x408px
(credit: Zieak)

reducing your carbon footprint is easy – you can start by riding a bicycle for your daily grocery shopping routine but there is just one problem: you can’t carry very much on a two wheeler, hence Instructables member Ryan McFarland aka Zieak came up with a brilliant idea by mashing a disused shopping cart with a bicycle. the result is what Zieak dubbed as Cart Bike. with this bicycle-shopping cart hybrid, you can not only acquire a whole cart worth of groceries enough to feed a platoon but you will be going to turn heads too, though it will not be such a good corner turner according to Zieak. hey, you are not in for a grocery bike Grand Prix so why worry? besides, with the shopping cart’s four wheels, it’s definitely going to be way more stable then your traditional two wheeler. pretty neat, huh? want one? well, you can’t grab one off the shelf but you can get your hands dirty by following Zieak’s instructions as laid out on Instructables. Continue reading Cart Bike: tailor-made for your daily grocery shopping trip

only hardcore fan would love this Empire Strikes Bike

The Empire Strikes Bike 544x408px
(image credit: StarWars.com)

seriously, a classic cruiser is the last thing you would expect to be modded to anything remotely close to a Star Wars themed bike but here it is right, before our eyes is The Empire Strikes Bike as transformed from a Skywalker Ranch staff bike. this Star Wars flavored bike was originally created as a showpiece to celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back at the Comic-Con and Celebration V in 2010. Continue reading only hardcore fan would love this Empire Strikes Bike