Peugeot Designed Latitude 46 Tofinou 9.7 Sailboat And Gillardeau Food Bike

Peugeot Design Lab is no stranger to designing everything outside of automobile. It has dabbled in designing helicopter’s interior, a really cool but uncomfortable-looking sofa, and even the cockpit for boats. Now, we hear that it has its hands in designing boat maker Latitude 46’s new sailboat too, as well as, believe it or not, […]

Oh, Look, Someone Made A Bicycle In The Shape Of Pi Symbol

You may have seen the an illustration of a bicycle based on the Pi symbol dreamed up by Malaysian artist, Yau Hoong-Tang somewhere. Now, meet the actual Pi Bike. Yes. That’s right. Someone actually turned the concept into a real, rideable fixie. Launch in time to mark the Pi Day on the March 14 (3/14, […]

Custom Bike With Real Car Tires Is What Dark Knight’s Bicycle Would Look Like

Bicycles with big, fat tires are all the rage now and to be honest, I will never understand how the extra fat will help in the ride experience both on and off-road. I mean, logically speaking, the wider the contact surface, the harder you will have to pedal, ain’t it? However, notwithstanding my own skepticism, […]

4-wheel Power-assist Electric Bicycle Looks Like A Real Life Car Caricature

What you see here is a bicycle. No, really. It is a bicycle, an electric bicycle to be exact. Built by Swedish dude Mikael Kjellman, PopRide, as it is called, was born out of the desire to have the practicality of bicycle with the comfort and convenience of car. Actually, it is more like a […]

Not a Sex Toy: ULV Arion 1 90-MPH Bike

if the Arion 1 bike by University of Liverpool Velocipede (ULV) Team were to break the human-powered land speed record next year, it’d be the world’s fastest and weirdest-looking bike. with no other objects to compare with, you’d think you are looking a piece of sex toy and that look is by no means an […]

Viks Steel Urban Bicycle

the Viks Steel Urban Bicycle you see here, designed by Estonian engineer Indrek Narusk, has a form that is certainly not everyone’s cuppa. for us, we think it looks pretty cool, but with all due to respect to the designer, we find it rather quirky to have a bike formed from two identical shaped frames and we keep going back to the question “why so?”

Marrs M-1 Electric Bicycle

is this a bicycle or motorcycle? you will be forgiven to think that the M-1 Electric Bicycle from Marrs Electric Cycle Co. is a vintage Harley-Davidson but of course, it isn’t. breaking away from the regular (some say, conservative) design of electric bicycles, which are usually no more than just regular bike stuck with an electric motor and batteries, the…

Cart Bike: tailor-made for your daily grocery shopping trip

reducing your carbon footprint is easy – you can start by riding a bicycle for your daily grocery shopping routine but there is just one problem: you can’t carry very much on a two wheeler, hence…