While most people are perfectly satisfied with how bicycle it is, YouTube personality, The Q, is constantly breaking the convention with the pedal-powered two-wheelers.

Just a Normal Bike Math 0.5 x 1 = 1 Wheel by The Q

Joining his Theo Jansen’s Strandbeest-inspired bicycle, the saw blade bicycle and the spokeless wheels bike is the, well, “Just a Normal Bike Math 0.5 x 1 = 1 Wheel”.

I don’t even know how to begin describing this radical bike. It has two wheels but the rear wheel is split into two halves.

Through careful calculations and engineering, The Q divides a regular wheel into two and still enables it to roll like a full wheel. Clever timing allows each half to touch the ground seamlessly.

Just a Normal Bike Math 0.5 x 1 = 1 Wheel by The Q

Granted, it is totally unnecessary but it is absolutely surreal seeing the split-wheel bicycle in action. As always The Q’s hands are magic and so is the videography that makes the video ever so enjoyable. Go ahead and have a look at the build process and the bike in action.

Images: YouTube (The Q).

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