LEGO Minifigure is adorable and all even if it is wooden and oversized. But here’s a LEGO Minifigure that is oversized that is far from adorable. In fact, it may leave you scarred for life just by looking at it. Folks, meet the anatomically correct LEGO man by Adam aka North of the Border aka A Maker of Tiny Nerdy Things

Anatomically Correct LEGO Man by North of the Border

Adam creates pop culture stuff, like figures, dioramas, and more, from scratch and the Realistic LEGO Man might be his most disturbing creation yet. OK. I am kidding. Actually, no. I am kind of half-kidding. And no, a wearable LEGO Minifigure suit made out of cardboard is not scary; it’s surreal but far from being a thing of a nightmare.

Anywho, what North of the Border did was he created a custom oversized LEGO man out of aluminum foil and modeling clay. Oh good. A LEGO Minifigure sculpture. Everything seems pretty ordinary. But all that changes when Adam started adding details you would find a real person. Details like wrinkles, 3D eyes, lips, and more wrinkles. And it has fingernails too which is the disturbing part, more so than the face.

Anatomically Correct LEGO Man by North of the Border

Because a Minifigure has a C-shape for the hand, Adam has given it a large nail, complete with wrinkles on the supposed joints. The same treatment was done for the legs too. Man, I don’t know why but while it does have two eyes, it felt like I am looking at a cyclops.

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TBH, the single toe on each foot and single fingernail on each hand are pretty nightmarish – especially with the requisite wrinkles. This is no doubt a disturbing odd creation. However, that does not distract it from this man is super talented and super creative. Now if you would excuse me, I will need to go erase the image off my mind. Ugh.

Images: YouTube (North of the Border).

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