Screwpop Tool proves multi-purpose tool doesn’t have to big

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(image credit: Screwpop Tool, LLC) Screwpop Tool | from US$4.95 |

how many times were you in an impromptu situation where you wished you had a handy tool to tighten some screws? or perhaps, pop a booze or two open for your buds? technology advancement has been going leaps and bounds, but sometimes we may have forgotten to address the smaller but yet important issues in life. and these smaller issues need not be addressed with high-tech gadgetry.
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the Screwpop Tool is a perfect example. it is a screwdriver with both Phillips and Flathead, it’s a 1/4-inch hex nut driver, it is a bottle pop-top opener and it is a key chain as well. you couldn’t get any simpler than that. we don’t need to tell you more. you know what this tiny gadget is capable off, don’t you? being a keychain means it will hold your essential keys together, and would most certainly be with you always. thus making access to the aforementioned functions extremely handy.

starting from $4.95 a pop, it is certainly tons cheaper than those fancy designer keychains. i am quite sure that your Gucci keychain can’t pop open any booze. can they?

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(image credit: Screwpop Tool, LLC)

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(image credit: Screwpop Tool, LLC)

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(image credit: Screwpop Tool, LLC)

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