HUNT23 Is A Flashlight And A Multi-Tool That Is Smaller Than A Grown Person’s Pinky

You never know when you need a flashlight. Unless you are a 24/7 security guard, chances you don’t carry one with you all the time. I hear you. You have smartphone. But it is obvious, smartphone’s flashlight function is a hassle. This is where HUNT23 shines.

OmniFob: One Key Fob That Controls Pretty Much Anything And Everything In Your House

This is OmniFob by the team who brought to you the SLIDE keychain. OmniFob is like an electronic (or digital, if you will) keychain that lets you open or turn on anything from the garage door to door to lights. It really is like a keychain, except there are no physical keys involved.

WESN Allman Pocket Knife: No Bells, No Whistles, Only Serious Features

Remember the WESN Titanium Micro Blade that had us swooning all over? Well, the folks are back with a new pocket knife called Allman. WESN Allman is an everyday carry pocket knife that, frankly, needs little selling. Just look at this little fellow. It is handsome, well crafted tool you have come to expect from […]

If You Smoke A Pipe, You Will Want To Check Out This 5-in-1 Pipe Tool

Screwpop Tool is back with a clever multi-tool. This time, it is a multi-function tool that will tickle the fancy of pipe smokers. Called Screwpop 5-in-1 Pipe Tool, it is made of stainless steel and with a eye-catching yellow brass eyelet. It touts five tools in one unobtrusive package, measuring a super handy 1” x […]

The James Brand Halifax Could Be The Prettiest Multi-Tool Yet

There are multi-tools and then there is the super sleek, super cool The James Brand Halifax Keychain Multi-tool that’s not only functional, but extremely pleasing to the eyes of style-seekers. One look and you know what am I talking about. The look there is pretty much self-explanatory. The clean, sleek line is consummated by its […]

MSTR LINX Makes Linking Key Rings As Easy As Chinese Linking Rings

Slotting in keys into traditional key rings is arguably one of the world’s minute but no less daunting task. But thanks to ingenious folks like Zootility Tools and Free-Key Press-To-Open Key Ring, it has been easier. And now, there is an even easier and sleeker way and it is called MSTR LINK Ti Carabiner Key […]

WESN Titanium Micro Blade Knife Is The Knife You Need In Your Life

You know, in some way, knife is like a lighter. You never know when you are going to need it. However, unlike a lighter, carrying a knife everywhere you go may not be appropriate in the eyes of the law. Well, mostly. If you are going to carry a huge-ass survival knife outside of the […]

Super Geek Is When Your keyholder Rack Is A NES Game Console Like This

Look at the keychains you own and how you hang them up. Now, you can’t call yourself a true-blue geek if they are not remotely geek-related. If you are in this predicament, not all hopes are lost. The Keytendo Nintendo-inspired Video Game Console Keyholder Rack may just be the thing that will solve your identify […]

Keyanchor: Tiny Multi-tool, Holds Keys Without Making A Ruckus

Is possible to have a multi-tool that is the size of a keychain? As it turns out, it is totally possible – as proven by this little guy called Keyanchor, a clever creation by San Francisco-based design studio CopperMill. Keyanchor is an everyday carry multi-tool/key organizer, which means it will hold your keys dutifully while […]

This One-plane Keyring Will Save You From Broken Fingernails

Keyring has been around for 100 years and during this century long time, countless nails were broken, fingers injured and it has spontaneously triggers the rage and unspeakable frustration of an otherwise demure person. We are not exaggerating; I have experienced it myself, or maybe I am just having anger management issue. Whatever it is, […]