YSMART Magnetic Quick-release Flashlight

Just when I thought a flashlight no bigger than a person’s pinky couldn’t get any better, YSMART came up with one the YSMART Magnetic Quick-release Flashlight. Like the HUNT23, YSMART is tiny, but what’s makes it stands out is, it automatically turned on when it pops off the base.

The brightness is 100 lumen, which is pretty dang bright for a thing this tiny. However, brightness is not the key selling point. The magnetic quick-release is. It is actually pretty ingenious.

It is designed as an everyday carry and it is a beautiful little thing made out of aerospace-grade aluminum or Grade-5 titanium.

YSMART assures that while YSMART Magnetic Quick-release Flashlight is tiny, the neodymium magnets incorporated into it has 2.5 kilograms (4.5 lbs) of pulling force. So, yeah, it won’t just accidentally detached and get lost.

With a magnetic base, it also allows YSMART Magnetic Quick-release Flashlight to be attached to any ferrous metal surface for hands-free use. Like I have said, it is pretty ingenious – especially the pop-off-the-base-to-light-up part.

If you are sold, you may want to consider picking YSMART Magnetic Quick-release Flashlight as a pre-order on Kickstarter for £18 or more (about US$24 or more). The campaign is super hot. At the time of this writing, it has already pulled in over $100K in funding from more than 1,000 backers.

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Images: YSMART.