a tissue box in the form of an iconic factory design

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(image credit: Je Sung Park/W-Works)

factory packed tissue box can be such a dork. we put on some form of case or cover over them in an attempt to beautify them and also, to stop advertising its brand in our homes. however what we do to cover it up, it is after all, oblong in shape but here’s a tissue case that changes the dull shape into one that is funky and recognizable to all of us. i would say it’s iconic, in a way.

designed by Je Sung Park for Weekend Works, this tissue box, dubbed the Smoke Tissue Case, takes on the form of a familiar icon of a factory. you know? those series of one-sided angular roof? awesome idea and design. we have the penchant for nice and unique design, needless to say, we love this.

tissues are dispensed via the top, which reminiscent of smoke spilling out from the factory. white tissue may not be as realistic, so time to find some grey or black tissues to add to the realism of what industrialization has been spitting out. they are stackable too – and if you managed to get enough of them, you could create an art wall. sweet.

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