What you see here is a cow sculpture by multimedia artists Paula Crown that explores the topic of name association with objects, or otherwise known as “branding” by modern muggles.

Branded Luxury Grazing Cow by Paula Crown

Aptly called Branded, this cow sculpture covered in logos of today’s most recognizable fashion brands, questions what goes into a contemporary brand, and at what, or whose cost.

It attempts to make us think about these brands and what they are doing while serving up fashion pieces.

Branded Luxury Grazing Cow by Paula Crown

“While they may connote dreams, desires, and aspirations, brands can also imply the everyday labor practices of mass production, which often exploit people, animals, and the land. Turning several puns, Branded presents a sculpture in the form of a cow covered, nose to tail, with the logotypes of high-end luxury companies. Typically, these marks are carried by humans as signs of prestige; however, their transposition onto a cow recalls the tortured history of some brands being used to scar living beings for profit.”

Branded Luxury Grazing Cow by Paula Crown

With Branded, Paula Crown wants you to take a moment and “consider the idea of the “brand” both in mark-making; the literal searing of symbols of forced ownership, and the displaying of association to luxury or identity; the modern iconography, showing your approval of a labels philosophy.

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The fashionable cow sculpture by Paula Crown will be auctioned off along with other works in the CowParade project on September 30, 2021, with all proceeds benefiting God’s Love We Deliver, an organization committed to improving the health and well-being of men, women, other persons, and children living with HIV/AIDS, cancer, and other serious illnesses.

Branded Luxury Grazing Cow by Paula Crown

Meanwhile, Branded is part of an exhibit at the CowParade New York City 2021, at Industry City, New York City.

Branded Luxury Grazing Cow by Paula Crown

Images: Paula Crown.

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