If you drive a Polestar, this is the last mile transportation you want in the trunk of your Polestar EV: The Makka Polestar Edition by CAKE. As the product name suggests, The Makka Polestar Edition by CAKE is based on CAKE’s new Makka electric moped.

The Makka Polestar Edition by CAKE

This being a CAKE, it bears the same minimalistic and yet detail-orientated design that has been a hallmark of CAKE’s electric rides.

The Makka Polestar Edition by CAKE differentiate itself from the regular Makka with a slim LED headlight, an Öhlins rear shock, black detailing, and a frame and battery cover realized in a matte version of Polestar Snow, and an “umbilical cord” that allows for charging of the Makka from the Polestar 2.

The Makka Polestar Edition by CAKE

Beyond the Polestar touches, it is pretty much the same Makka with a 3.6 kW electric motor with 60 Nm (44 lb-ft) of torque that offers a top speed of 45 km/h (28 mph), paired to a 31 Ah/1.5 kWh removable battery that provides 50 km (31 miles) of range.

Like any good electric vehicle, The Makka Polestar Edition by CAKE is also blessed with regenerative braking that puts back some energy during braking.

The Makka Polestar Edition by CAKE

Beyond the pretty impressive spec sheet, we must say the matte Polestar Snow colorway, along with bits of tasteful of CAKE and Polestar branding, makes this electric moped super stylish and cool.

Unfortunately, it is not for everyone – unless you have €4,200 (or around US$4,930) laying around and resides in Sweden, Germany, Norway, the U.K., Netherlands, and Switzerland. Those are where it will be available at launch. Polestar said other markets will “follow in due course.”

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Meanwhile, if you are a willing spender residing in one of those countries, you may pre-order Makka Polestar Edition by CAKE HERE.

Images: CAKE.

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