Concept-X Excavator by Doosan Infracore

In any construction project, where there are humans, there are risks of injuries. However, that won’t be the case with Concept-X Unmanned Construction Machine Solution proposed by South Korean construction equipment manufacturer, Doosan Infracore.

Concept-X Excavator by Doosan Infracore

The futuristic excavator you see here is part of the Concept-X System which also consists of a wheel loader, an adjective dump truck, drones, and a control center known as X-Center.

The concept is simple: replacing humans on the ground with autonomous machines that are linked together with drones and the X-CENTER. With human intervention on the ground out of the way, many risks are eliminated.

Concept-X System by Doosan Infracore

Productivity is expected to increase since the machines can operate 24/7. Doosan Infracore envisioned the system to incorporate a failure prediction system that predicts failure that it said will minuses maintenance costs.

Concept-X Excavator, and Concept-X as a whole, is indeed a bold ambitious. The company is right to say the concept “raises the bar and pushes the bounds of technology with an ambitious vision for the future of construction equipment.”

It is not clear when such advancement will materialize. But in the meantime, you can learn more about this futuristic concept HERE.

Images: Doosan Infracore.

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