Hidromek HICON 7 W Electric Wheel Excavator: 100% Electric Excavator For Use In Cities

Construction is perhaps one of the most noisy activities – especially when it happens in a dense environment like, say, in the city, but that may soon change – thanks to Hidromek HICON 7 W Electric Wheel Excavator.

BOMAG Robomag Autonomous Tandem Roller: Part Of The Future Of Road Construction

Considering how complex we humans are on the roads, autonomous transportation is far from reality. However, the technology is there and so, it makes a ton of sense to deploy this tech in controlled environment like agriculture and construction. Speaking of construction… Fayat Group’s BOMAG is exploring the world of autonomous construction vehicle with BOMAG […]

Meet The eMining eDumper, An Electric Vehicle That Never Need Recharging

Imagine an electric vehicle that requires no recharging like, ever. You may think it sounds like fantasy, but here we are, a mining dump truck that literally requires no recharging. Meet the eDumper from Kuhn Schweiz AG. It is a mining truck from Komatsu, but it is not the recent electric drive trucks offered by […]

For Some Reasons, I Can’t Stop Ogling At This Mobile Impact Crusher

This is not a gadget, neither is it a lifestyle-related stuff, but damn, just look this thing. ain’t it a beauty? Pardon me for my uncontrollable excitement over this. Apart from gadgets and lifestyle stuff, I also dig industrial machinery, like a lot, and the Rubble Master RM 120GO! Mobile Compact Crusher is one of […]