Dream of Winter Gondola for Venice by Philippe Starck

Can a gondola ever be futuristic? Apparently, it can and the Dream of Winter Gondola for Venice by Philippe Starck is an example how the future of gondola may look like.

Dream of Winter Gondola for Venice by Philippe Starck

The futuristic gondola was designed by the multidisciplinary designer for VeniSIA, a Venice-based association devoted to the development of business ideas and technology solutions to deal with the future, i.e. climate change and other environmental challenges.

The futuristic look of the Dream of Winter Gondola is complemented by futuristic materials. The Dream of Winter boasts a black arachnid laminated seaweed bio-resin hull and oar, finished in sharkskin textured paint for improved hydrodynamic performance.

Meanwhile, the forcola (or forcole aka the oarpost is crafted from compressed bamboo.

Passengers comfort is afforded by a sliding roof made from vacuum molded Corning Gorilla Glass cockpit that shields the passenger from the assault of cold air while Sant’ Erasmo apple leather upholstered sofa offers the guests’ tush a cozy throne as they enjoy the ride down the canal.

Another aspect of comfort is the vessel’s stability which is achieved with a mini gyroscopic stabilized, power by solar energy, at the bottom of the hull.

The designer further imagine optional electric assistance, a mini electric turbine, also powered by solar energy along with a hydro-generator, to serve as powered propulsion for the boat.

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Dream of Winter Gondola for Venice is a gondola reimagined for winter use in Venice and hence, the name. It is a dream because it is, well a dream. While it will not materialize, a 3D image will be part of the collection of the Ca’ Foscari University for students to study and enjoy it.

Images: Philippe Starck.

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