Torch Bicycle Helmet

Torch Bicycle Helmet
(photos: Witold Szostak) Torch Bicycle Helmet | from US$80.00 |

night cycling is not exactly the safest activity to do but if you insist on doing so, then the Torch Bicycle Helmet is the must-have for safer ride at night. sure, the market is not lack of lighting accessories for your pedal-powered two-wheeler but lets be honest here: they are easily stolen and their visibility is pathetic at best, which is made worst by the low positioning. the Torch Bicycle Helmet solves all that by putting the lights right on the helmet. LEDs are built into the front and rear of the helmet with lenses aiding the dispersion of the light, thus allowing for wider viewing angles. needless to say, these lenses also helps to shield the LEDs from the elements such as water and dust. the helmet itself is constructed from thin polycarbonate shell with an expanded polystyrene body and the final product will come with a dial adjuster for a customized fit for each individual wearer. available in two sizes and three hues: white, black, or red, the Torch Bicycle Helmet goes for $80 via Kickstarter. go ahead and check out a self-explanatory video after the break.

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