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Seatylock Redesigned Bicycle Saddle/Lock Hybrid For Urban Riders

Bicycle with integrated bike lock isn’t new and so is a saddle that could double as a bike lock. The Seatylock, as the product name implies, is one of the latter. These folks had quite a support on Kickstarter when the first iteration was introduced two years ago. In between, the company has introduced a couple more products, and today, it has another. Called Seatylock Gel, this saddle here is designed to look out for urbanites’ butt. Continue reading Seatylock Redesigned Bicycle Saddle/Lock Hybrid For Urban Riders

ICEdot Crash Sensor

the ICE here is nothing illicit. it stands for ‘In Case of Emergency’ and is a product that’s potentially a life saver for outdoor enthusiasts such as mountaineers and cyclists. the ICEdot is a well thought out emergency identification and notification systems, applicable to a variety of sports include skiing, snowboarding, downhill boarding, where the risks of head trauma is high and often life-threatening if such injures are not attended to as soon as possible. the ICEdot Crash Sensor can be mounted to any helmet and it is designed to detect violent forces and impacts that may leave the victim incapacitated. it works in conjunction with a companion app installed on your smartphone and connects via Bluetooth Low Energy to maintain a constant connection while sipping on minimum amount of energy. Continue reading ICEdot Crash Sensor

Torch Bicycle Helmet

Torch Bicycle Helmet
(photos: Witold Szostak) Torch Bicycle Helmet | from US$80.00 | www.kickstarter.com

night cycling is not exactly the safest activity to do but if you insist on doing so, then the Torch Bicycle Helmet is the must-have for safer ride at night. sure, the market is not lack of lighting accessories for your pedal-powered two-wheeler but lets be honest here: they are easily stolen and their visibility is pathetic at best, which is made worst by the low positioning. the Torch Bicycle Helmet solves all that by putting the lights right on the helmet. LEDs are built into the front and rear of the helmet with lenses aiding the dispersion of the light, thus allowing for wider viewing angles. Continue reading Torch Bicycle Helmet

Leather Bike Tool Bag

Leather Bike Tool Bag
(photos: Jepsen Leather Goods) Leather Bike Tool Bag | US$150.00 | www.jepsenleathergoods.com

if you commute often on your bicycle, then chances are that there are times where you will need to do some on-the-road repair. hence, you probably have tools by your side to deal with such situation and you’d be lugging them in your backpack or messenger. however, there’s a more stylish way to keep these bike essentials and much closer to your ride: the Leather Bike Tool Bag from Jepsen Leather Goods. measuring 7.25″ long, 2.1″ wide, and 3.25″ tall (18.4 cm x 5.3 cm x 8.3 cm), this classy bag features a pair of straps for securing it to your bike’s handlebar or seat loops and have enough storage for your essential bike tools such as spare tube, tire wrenches, or whatever you fancy. Continue reading Leather Bike Tool Bag

ALDEN Seats – custom brogue style bicycle saddles

(photos: Carson Leh) ALDEN Seats | US$100.00 | carsonleh.com

the only thing that comes between you and your bike is the saddle and for that, any style-conscious cyclist will tell you that the small little thing which you sit on shouldn’t be too shabby. if you belongs the aforementioned and believe in the finer things in life, then the ALDEN Seats might just be the saddle for you. handcrafted in the USA, these bicycle seats comes in three seat shapes with four leather colors and nine distinct designs. the styles include a retro road and track seat, a dutch style comfort seat, and a slim Pivotal style BMX and MTB seat. also, if you like brogue shoes, chances are, you probably will adore the ALDEN Seats custom brogue style design. ALDEN seats creator Carson Leh, is currently seeking funding via Kickstarter, so if you want one Continue reading ALDEN Seats – custom brogue style bicycle saddles

designer saddle for your bicycle from Kashimax for Paul Smith

Paul Smith Kashimax Aero Saddle 544x380px
(image credit: Paul Smith) Paul Smith Collaboration – Kashimax Aero Saddle | £160.00 | www.paulsmith.co.uk

i don’t know Paul Smith personally, hence a collaboration between the British designer with Japan’s specialist bicycle saddle maker, Kashimax came as a surprise to me. the result is this limited edition leather saddle wrapped in textured red leather with metallic blue rails, complete with Paul Smith gold embossed signature. yet another way to make your beloved bike stand out from the crowd while giving your tush a luxury treat. Continue reading designer saddle for your bicycle from Kashimax for Paul Smith

take a sip while cycling without taking your eyes off the road

VelEau 544x418px
(credit: Showers Pass) VelEau Hydration System for Cyclist | US$79.99 | www.showerspass.com

cycling is an excellent way to keep fit but while long cycling trip is enjoyable, you will need to keep yourself hydrated to make up for the of fluid lost through perspirations. bottle cage and hydration pack are two common ways of keeping water handy while cycling. the problem is, reaching out for the bottle down below could be a dangerous affair, well, at least that’s what Showers Pass think so and apparently, due to such scenario, “races have been lost and riders have been injured by jettisoned water bottles.” so why not hydration pack? well, it adds weight on the rider and not to mention it is restrictive and unnecessarily warms the carrier’s back. Continue reading take a sip while cycling without taking your eyes off the road

safety meets style with Hövding/Chieftan airbag for cyclists

Hövding Collar Airbag for Cyclists 544px
(photo source: hovding.com)
from the first look you might thought you are looking at some fashion accessory such as a scarf or a fashionable headdress. well, it is not. it is the Hövding, an airbag developed for cyclist in the guise of a fashionable collar. well, the models in the picture does did some part in the deception. but the part about me mistaking it for a fashion wear was true. really. but i guess the inventors wanted to project the fashionable side of this life saving invention. you don’t need to look look ugly wearing a safety device. great for colder countries, but not so ideal for tropical countries. nevertheless, it is going to save a lot lives. the Hövding operates on battery and motion sensor.

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visit Hövding website. (non-English)