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(credit: Showers Pass) VelEau Hydration System for Cyclist | US$79.99 | www.showerspass.com

cycling is an excellent way to keep fit but while long cycling trip is enjoyable, you will need to keep yourself hydrated to make up for the of fluid lost through perspirations. bottle cage and hydration pack are two common ways of keeping water handy while cycling. the problem is, reaching out for the bottle down below could be a dangerous affair, well, at least that’s what Showers Pass think so and apparently, due to such scenario, “races have been lost and riders have been injured by jettisoned water bottles.” so why not hydration pack? well, it adds weight on the rider and not to mention it is restrictive and unnecessarily warms the carrier’s back.
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Showers Pass’s VelEau is a canteen cum tool pack mounted to the rear of the seat that holds 42 ounces (1.2 liters) of water. the rider takes a sip through a bite valve connected to a tube system that leads from the canteen to the handle bar. the bite valve is attached to the handle bar using magnets tethered to a retractable magnetic reel thus allowing the rider to have a quick sip without the need fumbling for the bottle or worry about not replacing the drinking valve properly. sounds like a pretty long way to suck water from, eh? but then again, it certainly beats wearing a CamelBak or using a standalone bottle. as mentioned, the canteen case also allows for storage of small tools and it even allows a tail light to be clipped on if desired. VelEau Hydration System is expected to be available come this July for $79.99.

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