LIZ Is A New Smart Bottle That Touts Self-Cleaning Capability

Before anyone flame me for saying that self-cleaning drinkware like a bottle is not possible, hear me out first. Yes. Self-cleaning sounded like a bunch of nanobots getting to work to clean the bottle. However, it is obviously not the case with LIZ Smart Self-cleaning Bottle by tech company NOERDEN. NOERDEN’s context of self-cleaning is […]

Hydaway V2 Gives You More Reasons To Ditch Single-use Plastic Bottles

Here is a new version of Hydaway Collapsible Water Bottle that gives you more reasons to ditch single-use plastic bottles. TBH, I don’t know any who still repurpose single-use bottles, but I do know the inconvenience of plastic bottles… when they do not have any content in them. With the Hydaway, carrying air will be […]

Behold, The World’s Only Squeezable Titanium Water Bottle!

Think titanium, it immediately strikes you as a metal that is super strong and relatively lightweight with respect to the strength it possessed. What if I told you that there is a water bottle made of titanium, but yet, it is as squeezable as any polymer material water bottle? At the first take, you may […]

With QUARTZ Bottle, You Can Say Bye To Bacteria And Cleaning Of Bottle

You have water bottle and water is all around you, but you can’t just fill it up and drink because there are potentially harmful bacteria and whatnot. Then again, that’s for regular water bottle, not with the QUARTZ Bottle. QUARTZ Bottle has built-in UV-C LED light which its inventor claimed could get rid of up […]

bkr 500 Collection: Drinking Elixir Of Life Has Never Been This Luxurious

You know, bkr? The water bottle maker that reinvented drinking from a bottle? The company’s simple but surprisingly elegant silicone sleeve-over-glass water bottles (with unusually small mouth, if we might add) have been used by celebrities and fashionistas who flaunt them like as if they were some designer handbags. The company basically takes the simple […]

This Smart Cup Knows Exactly What You Are Drinking and Keeps Track of Your Hydration Needs

With regard to a person’s hydration needs, we are sure you heard about the 8-cup rule. The truth is, the fluid a person needs for a day varies from day to day, depending on the given condition. But how will you know? Vessyl will tell you. The brainchild of San Francisco-based startup Mark One, the […]

All-new Square Water Bottle is a Water Filter and a Fruit Infuser, Still Opens at Both Ends Too

Number one problem with water bottles: you can’t effectively clean the inside, especially the bottom and because of that, it runs the risk of bacterias starting a party, which is obviously not great for us. Well, then again, we talking about an issue that has been resolved since 2012 by an outfit called Clean Bottle […]

Zahota is a Modern and More Hygienic Take of the Ancient Wine Skin Bottle

If you love wandering in the great wilderness, you will appreciate what the Zahota Bota Drinking Bottle has to offer. So what’s wrong with the good’ol Bota that it calls for a redesign? Well, the major thing that puts us off is the material. Traditional Botas are made from animal hide (eww) and frankly, we […]

Paper-sized Water Bottles Let You Bring Water Along Without the Bulge in Your Laptop Bag

if the traditional cylindrical (or even squarish) water bottles have been stopping you from bringing drinking water when you hit the road, then we think Memobottle water bottles might change your mind. traditional cylindrical shape water bottles work fine with backpacks, sport bags and all, but we can’t say the same for laptop or messenger […]

Lifestraw Go Sports Bottle

not everyone is keen in drinking right off a stream, which the original LifeStraw offers. we are guessing, if you are roaming in the wild, you probably want to be able to bring that ‘stream’ with you or at least, top it up in a bottle. this is where the Lifestraw Go Sports Bottle comes in.