Water bottle has come a long way, but it ain’t perfect. What if you need a cup of joe? Surely, you won’t dump its content for coffee, would you? Or worst, use a single-use cup. With Remaker Labs Hitch, you don’t have to.

At a glance, Hitch is a regular old full-size water bottle with a sleek, minimal look, but it reality, it has a removable “barista-approved” cup hidden inside, retrievable from the bottom of the water bottle.

The cup is a full-size 12 oz (355 ml) steel insulated drinkware. There’s a stackable leak-proof slide lid on the top of the water bottle which you can deploy on the cup to keep the beverage in the cup sealed.

Remaker Labs Hitch Water Bottle Cup Hybrid

That’s not all the top of Hitch is a cupholder for the full-size cup too, so you can deal with life while holding to two beverages in two separate containers. It is really quite brilliant.

The bottle has 18 oz (532 ml) capacity and like the cup, it is double-walled, vacuum insulated, leak-proof, BPA-free, and made of food-grade steel.

Remaker Labs Hitch Water Bottle Cup Hybrid is being pre-sold on Kickstarter for an early bird price of $49 or more. The campaign is funded and if it goes as planned, it should see delivery sometime in October 2020.

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Keep going for the pitch video. TBH, not sure if I really like the Remaker Labs Hitch water bottle more or the product pitch video that stars JK! Studios actor and former Studio C cast member James Perry. OK. Maybe both.

All images courtesy of Remaker Labs.

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