When we stumbled upon a news on some giant AirPods thingy, it piqued our interest and we knew we have dig deeper. Apparently, it was bought from Amazon, but we found none on it. At least not on Amazon US anyways.

Anywho, we managed to track it down. Thankfully, it isn’t sold by a store Giant’s Place at Jack and the Beanstalk. It is available here on earth in, not surprisingly, China.

Oversized AirPods Design Bluetooth Speakers

The oversized AirPods are actually Bluetooth speakers, also known as the ultimate conversation starter. Like, isn’t it not? AirPods that’s 100 times larger than it supposed to be and a BT speaker? How is it not a conversation starter? Surely it is.

The novel factor is high here, but details are sketchy. We know it has a single neodymium driver of unknown size, supports SD card and USB flash drive, has built-in FM radio, packs an unspecific lithium battery good for 5 hours, and apparently, it comes in a pair which connects to each other wirelessly, or something like that.

No idea what’s the brand. One of the listing started it as “WLORMB” which I have never heard of until now. For those interested and couldn’t find it on Amazon or anywhere else, you can pick one up on AliExpress for 22+ US dollars.

Oversized AirPods Design Bluetooth Speakers

Images: AliExpress.

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