Get your roller coaster fix in the comfort of your own home with the MagnetCubes Modular Blocks Marble Run Kit. Unlike regular marble run sets, MagnetCubes Modular Blocks Marble Run Kit is modular, thus allowing you to unleash your creativity and build a marble run track as you see fits.

Theoretically, you should have endless fun and thrills, but that’s provide you procure a system with more components. Like a roller coaster, it even have loops too. It sure looks like tons of fun.

MagnetCubes Modular Blocks Marble Run Kit

But it will even more fun if it has an elevator system or a lift chair system to get the ball back to the peak so that, you know, you can mesmerized by the racing marbles. I guess you will have the same level thrill by building two tracks for a downhill race.

If you are enamored by the concept, there is a list of packages you can pre-order from Kickstarter, with price ranging from US$35 to a cool $792 setup that would probably need a room just for it. Or maybe not. I don’t know.

Images: DesignNest.

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