Ultraman: Be Ultra Mobile Game Action Figures

It is the weekend. Weekend means letting your hair down and letting your hair down means, toys. If you are not into toys, well, we ask that you to bear with us. Be magnanimous and put up with our childishness.

Alright. Lets get down to business. What you see here is a growing trend: toys based on mobile games. These are 1/12 scale action figures based on an upcoming mobile game Ultraman: Be Ultra which itself is based on Netflix’s Ultraman series.

I am not fan (of the exoskeleton suit-style Ultraman), though. I find it too much like the big screen Iron Man, IMHO. If you are a fan, these will definitely float your boat.

All told there are three models going the existing model kit series Figure-rise Standard Ultraman. The three models are Zero Suit, Evil Tiga Suit and Tiga Suit. The latter is available since February. The Zero will drop in June and Evil Tiga, in May.

The price for Tiga is 5,280 yen (about US$49) while the Zero and Evil Tiga will sell for 3,520 yen (roughly US$33) and 5,280 yen, respectively.

Images: Bandai Spirits.