Ultra Replica Beta Capsule (Shin Ultraman) Is A Must-Have Prop For Ultra Fans

No Ultraman collection is complete without the Transformation Item, Beta Capsule. The Beta Capsule is a physical object the protagonist, Shin Hayata, uses to transform into the giant alien superhero. That said, being an ultra fan of Ultraman, you probably have a collection of the Beta Capsules and now, there is one more to add …

Part Of The Opening Of Shin Ultraman Will Be Available To Watch For Free

Shin Ultraman opened on the 13 this month. Since then, it had been the no. 1 movie in Japan for two consecutive weeks and rolled in over 2 billion yen (about US$15 million) at the box office. But this latest Shin movie is not about to rest on its laurels.

First Shin Japan Heroes Universe Project Is A Bunch Of Arcade Games?

Back in February, it was announced that the four “Shin” movies directed by Neon Genesis Evangelion’s creator Hideaki Anno will come together as Shin Japan Heroes Universe, a collaboration project of unknown nature. Well, fast forward to May, we have the first collaboration and it is not what we imagine it to be. I mean, …

ThreeZero FigZero 1/6 Ultraman Suit Taro (Anime Version)

Have you watched the second season of the anime Ultraman on Netflix? If you do, I bet the new Ultraman Suit Taro has caught your eyes and possibly enamored you. I know it did for me and so I’m pretty pumped that there is going to be a collector-grade action figure for it: the ThreeZero …

New Shin Ultraman Official Trailer Gave Us A Glimpse Of The Kaiju

Hot on the heels of the third teaser of the new Ultraman movie is the official trailer of the Shin Ultraman. I don’t believe in the past teasers we have seen any kaiju that threatens Japan. But we definitely see some of them in the official trailer which is nearly three times longer than the …

Ultraman Tiga’s Transformation Device Turned Into A Timepiece, A Pocket Watch, And A Clock

Transformation Items like Beta Capsule and Sparklence are used by a human or Ultra in human form to transform into an Ultraman. It is a super cool device but man, some of them can be quite clunky which I imagined would be a hassle to carry around.

Shin Ultraman Event Is Happening At Yokohama Landmark Tower

Shin Ultraman will be hitting the theaters in Japan very soon and Tsuburaya Productions is drumming it up with an event over at Mitsubishi Estate Property Management-operated Yokohama Landmark Tower, aptly called Shin Ultraman Yokohama Landmark Tower.