Paul Frank’s Julius Meets Anime Ultraman For This 24-inch Paul Frank Julius Collectible Figure

I am sure you are familiar with Paul Frank’s iconic, Julius the Monkey. Julius is no stranger to being a collectible figure but never in the world would I imagine this famous silhouette will cross paths with Ultraman. Folks, meet the first-ever collaboration between anime Ultraman and Paul Frank brought to you by Singapore-based toy …

Netflix’s Ultraman Season 2 Blu-ray Box Set Special Limited Edition Announced

I feel strange telling you about how Bandai Namco has just revealed the Ultraman Season 2 Blu-ray Box in Japan when Season 3 is already streaming. But here it is anyways, the Ultraman Season 2 Blu-ray Box Set. Two versions are being offered: the Ultraman Season 2 Blu-ray Box Special Limited Edition and the Ultraman …

Ninebot Introduces Ninebot x Ultraman L8 Self-balancing Scooter In China

Ninebot has partnered with Ultraman to release an Ultraman edition of its L8 self-balancing scooter. The Ninebot x Ultraman L8 Self-balancing Scooter features a deco inspired by Ultraman Zero. In addition to the Ultraman Zero colors, the hub cap on each wheel has an image of the hero.

Netflix Dropped Anime Ultraman Final Season Official Trailer

The anime Ultraman is a different ball game. It envisioned a world where monsters and humans lived alongside each other. Not going to lie. It takes some accustoming coming from the live-action era of Ultraman that the warrior of light not only wears an Iron Man-like exoskeleton suit with Centurions’ equipment teleportation tech but also …

Shin Japan Heroes Amusement Updates: Additional Events And Metallic Paint Job Vinyl Figures!

There are a few things going on with the Shin Japan Heroes Amusement World. It was revealed that, following the current events, additional events will be held in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, in March 2023, and in the Kansai region this Summer. Moreover, there are some exciting goodies to pick up too.

ThreeZero FigZero 1/6 Ultraman Suit Glitter Tiga: Metallic Golden And Limited

Here’s the anime Ultraman Tiga you have never seen before. The ThreeZero FigZero 1/6 Ultraman Suit Glitter Tiga is based on the anime Ultraman series, featuring Threezero’s original colorway featuring a metallic golden “Glitter Version” paint scheme. This figure somehow reminds us of the sunset Ultraman even though they are entirely different things.

Latest Shin Japan Heroes Amusement World Merchandise Is Wristwatch

The collaboration between Shin Evangelion, Shin Godzilla, Shin Kamen Rider, and Shin Ultraman, known as Shin Japan Heroes Universe (SJHU) revealed earlier this year will not result in an Avengers-like movie. Instead, SJHU exists for the sole purpose of merchandising.

Shin Ultraman To Stream On Prime Video Japan Starting November 18

Here’s awesome news for Ultraman fans who can’t get enough of Hideaki Anno’s Shin Ultraman or for fans who did not catch it when hitting theaters in May, in Japan. The movie will start streaming on Prime Video on Friday, November 18, 2022.