Ninebot x Ultraman L8 Self-balancing Scooter

Ninebot has partnered with Ultraman to release an Ultraman edition of its L8 self-balancing scooter. The Ninebot x Ultraman L8 Self-balancing Scooter features a deco inspired by Ultraman Zero. In addition to the Ultraman Zero colors, the hub cap on each wheel has an image of the hero.

Ninebot x Ultraman L8 Self-balancing Scooter

In addition to the obvious aesthetic difference from the standard L8, the Ultraman Zero-inspired L8 further boasts Ultraman Zero lights and sound effects, along with a special Ultraman Zero UI on the companion app. The vehicle will also come packaged in a box featuring the superhero alongside the scooter

So the box is kind of collectible too which will make serious fans want to make space to store it. Well, at least isn’t as big as the TV’s. Interestingly, when riding the Ultraman L8, making a gesture such as the iconic spacium beam pose will trigger an easter egg feature which may include changing sound and light effects.

Beyond that, it is pretty much the L8 that kids love. Oh, right. We forgot to mention that this is a kid’s self-balancing wheel. Kids. They always get the good stuff, don’t they?

Ninebot x Ultraman L8 Self-balancing Scooter

Anyhoo, this two-wheel balancing scooter offers three ways to maneuver: legs, hand gestures, and remote control, and has two riding modes: limited (0-10 km/h; 6.2 mph) and sports (14 km/h; 8.7 mph). Speaking of which, the L8 also features so-called intelligent computational learning which will learn how you ride and adapt to your riding style. So the more you ride, the more it knows your riding style.

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The ride is, not surprisingly, loaded with sensors including terrain recognition in which it can identify that it is going up a slope and automatically adjust power output to easily ride it out. It also features leansteer control that touts 0.01s response time for ultimate response to your lean steering – if that’s how you choose to control it.

The L8 has no less than 15 safety features, including motor cut-off if it tips over, low voltage protection, speeding warning, charging protection, initiation safety checks, voice warnings, and more.

Ninebot x Ultraman L8 Self-balancing Scooter

It rolls large 10.5-inch off-road pneumatic tires and the ride is built on a robust metal frame that prevents breakage and protects the battery at the same time.

This vehicle is an absolute light show at night. It is outfitted with 4 futuristic lights including auto light-up when dark, bright light to shine further when going at speeds, lights on wheels (yes, really!), and RGB taillights.

Other notables include a built-in Bluetooth speaker, soft foam padding for inner legs, larger mudguards to keep water and mud from getting onboard, elastic slip-resistant step-on boards, a built-in kickstand, and LED indicators for quick glance at battery and Bluetooth status.

The Ninebot x Ultraman L8 Self-balancing Scooter is available in China through, Tmall, as well as from Chinese TikTok, for around 1,899 yuan (approximately US$275).

Ninebot x Ultraman L8 Self-balancing Scooter

Images: Ninebot [CH].