Robosen Robotics rose to international fame when it made every Transformers fans go ga-ga with the self-transforming Optimus Prime. The company went on to introduce a few more Optimus Prime and a trailer, and now, it has previewed its next big Transformers project: Transformers: Rise of the Beasts Optimus Prime Performance Edition.

Robosen Transformers ROTB Optimus Prime Robot Toy

The preview is more like a tease. All we know is that it is based on Optimus Prime as he will be seen in the new Transformers movie and that it can be controlled via a mobile app, and it is, of course, interactive. We can expect a lot of mechanical details. Robosen Robotics said more details will be available in “late May”.

Meanwhile, you may be signed up to be notified when more details are released.

Subscribing between now and late May will also enter you into a sweepstakes where you stand a chance to win a Transformers: A Visual History book (valued at US$99.99). 50 random lucky winners will be drawn. Terms and conditions apply (obviously).

Robosen Transformers ROTB Optimus Prime Robot Toy
Robosen Transformers ROTB Optimus Prime Robot Toy

Images: Robosen Robotics.

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