What you see here is The Undone Aquaman Wristwatch. It is not the first Aquaman-themed watch but I am pretty sure it is the first Aquaman diving watch capable of a depth of 50 ATM or 500 meters (1,640 feet). To clear the air, this is NOT inspired by the very un-Aquaman big screen Aquaman. The Undone Aquaman Wristwatch is inspired by the good’ol Atlantean warrior from the pages of DC comics.

The Undone Aquaman Wristwatch

In addition to the ability to go very deep, The Undone Aquaman Wristwatch is equipped with a manual helium escape valve at 10 o’clock that lets you manually release internal pressure to prevent excessive build-up of helium gas when surface from deep dives.

The use of patinating bronze (CuSn8) case is also a nod to the diving heritage because bronze was also used for diving helmets. Bronze, for those who are not aware, is an alloy. The CuSn8 Undone used here is in fact copper alloy reinforced with a solid solution, containing a certain percentage of tin. It has very high wear resistance and very good corrosion resistance which makes it ideal for use in a dive watch. But it is not hypoallergenic.

The Undone Aquaman Wristwatch

The case is 43 mm and 17 mm thick. This being bronze it will patinate, i.e. oxidize, and since no two bronze cases patinated the same way, the watch will be as unique as you are. The layer resulting from oxidization will also serve to protect the case’s original exterior which is pretty cool too.

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The superhero’s presence is evident most on the green dial where there is an Aquaman logo printed in lume below the 12 hr marker set against a background of subtle Aquaman logo rearranged in a way to mimic Aquaman’s scales. Also on the dial is lume inspired by Atlantean’s bioluminescent skin for time-reading in low light situations.

The Undone Aquaman Wristwatch

A Japanese TMI NH35A Automatic Winding Mechanism is responsible for the clockwork while a 3 mm double dome sapphire crystal offers a crystal clear time reading and keeps the elements out.

If anyone’s interested in The Undone Aquaman Wristwatch, it is available now from Undone.com for US$699.

The Undone Aquaman Wristwatch
The Undone Aquaman Wristwatch

Images: Undone.

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