Manly Bands DC Comics Wedding Bands: Marriage Is The Superpower

Green Lantern is going to be so green with envy when his fellow super friends also have rings that grand them a superpower that he does not have: marriage. Well, marriage without having to give up his superhero day job, that is. OK. That’s probably not true.

Carhartt x The Batman Limited-Edition Collection

For the first time in the history of live-action Batman movies, there is a Batman movie that actually hints that Bruce Wayne did roll up his sleeves to work on his gadgets and gears, including the Batmobile. Granted, we never actually see him in action and therefore, we will never know what was he wearing …

Montegrappa The Batman Pen: Writes With A Vengeance

The old adage of “the pen is mightier than the sword” is not probably Batman‘s belief which means, it is unlikely that you will find a pen holstered to Batman‘s utility belt – even if it looks like something straight out of the Batcave, like the Montegrappa The Batman Pen. But I am sure fans …

Jacob & Co. Gotham City Black DLC Titanium Wrist Watch

Batman is always rushing from place to place. You know, doing his detective work and kicking bad guys’ assess. This means keeping track of time is key. But how does Gotham City’s caped fighter/detective does that? I guess nobody knows but I have a bold theory. He probably uses this: Jacob & Co. Gotham City …

The Batman x Fossil Collection: Wrist Watches, Bags, And More

I don’t recall if any of the Batman movies were this enthusiastic about pushing merchandise. But as far as Matt Reeves’ The Batman goes, it is relentless in pushing out The Batman-branded merchandise. Just look at the collectibles, toys, and timepieces, it has announced so far. They are a lot by any movies’ standard, IMHO.

Here’s A Prop Replica Of The Batarang From The Batman Money Can Buy

If you are already a superfan of Matt Reeves’ The Batman (2022) regardless of how good the movie will be, then here’s a piece of movie prop replica that may want to get your hands on.

Undone Batman Dark Knight Retrospective Watch: Inspired By 1960s Batmobile And The Riddler-Themed

Being Batman is a dangerous job. So why should yourself at risk? I say just let the man do his job and you, well, just buy some cool merch to show your allegiance. The Undone Batman Dark Knight Retrospective Watch you see here is one such cool merch.

Super Fans Of Batman Will Want To Check Out The Batman Collaboration Watch Collection by Tendence

Unless you are a watch enthusiast, you probably have not heard of Tendence Watch. But you want to know about Tendence if you are a super fan of Batman, specifically Jim Lee’s Batman.