Condom maker Durex pulled off an interesting and fun marketing campaign in China last month. Durex China gave its customers a shot at winning a pair of, wait for it, waterproof shoe covers. Yes, really! It’s not an April Fool’s Day prank. This happened last month.

Durex China Classic Waterproof Shoe Covers Campaign
Will you look at the size of this “condom”!? 😱

The beauty of this campaign is not only this pair of fun covers that will keep your precious kicks from getting wet during rainy weather and the fact it is coming from a Jimmy hat maker; it is the marketing text that accompanied the campaign.

The post on Weibo [CH] kicked off with “That year, I have shielded you from heavy rain… All these years, we loved, comes rain or shine.” Then it went on to say that “the classic companionship time and time again, make every rainy day a “classic” moment” before declaring “as the rainy season is upon us, the Durex Classic Shoe Covers go online.

All the mention of the rain has a double meaning if you know what I am getting at. As you go through the statement, you will notice the rain could be literal or mean something naughty *wink wink*

Durex China Classic Waterproof Shoe Covers Campaign

Anyways, the Durex China Classic Waterproof Shoe Cover was not for sale anyways. Or at least not that we know of. Instead, it was a gift in a sweepstake.

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Between March 24 and 31, 2023, customers who become Durex shop members and participate in an event will have an opportunity to win a pair of Durex China Classic Waterproof Shoe Covers.

Another fun thing about this marketing campaign was the packaging of the shoe covers. It is in the likeness of a classic Durex condom but, obviously, many times larger. LoL!

Images: Durex [CH].

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