what you see here is the Chateau Margaux 2009 Balthazar, the world’s most expensive bottle of wine, costing a whopping $195,000 per bottle and is being carried by fine wine retailer Le Clos. currently, on display at Le Clos’ flagship store at Dubai International, this 2009 vintage red wine is said to be the best vintages by Chateau Margaux. limited to just six bottles with only three being offered in exchange for your good money – all of which are available exclusively through Le Clos. this also mark the first time in the history Chateau Margaux that Balthazars have been bottled. for the uninitiated, a Balthazar is a large bottle containing 12 liter, which is equivalent to 16 regular wine bottles.

the bottle itself features a unique shape glass bottle that subtly tapers upward and each 12-liter Balthazar is housed in an engraved oak case, designed by French agency Partisan du Sens, and on raised steel legs to “symbolize the barrels resting in the Chateau Margaux cellars.” its buyer will be treated to a first class flight to France for a private tour of the vineyard and cellars, followed by dinner at the Chateau hosted by Chief Winemaker and Managing Director of Chateau Margaux, Paul Pontallier. so, what are you waiting for? if you are already eyeing on the atrociously expensive champagne, why not put this on your must-have list too? click past the jump to take a closer look at the Balthazar.

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Chateau Margaux 2009 Balthazar

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