Finally, Somebody Thinks Wine Dispenser Is A Great Idea And Why Not?

The process of enjoying wine includes retrieving a bottle from the wine chiller, pop open the bottle and pouring its content into your favorite wine glass. After that, you have to cork it and send it back into the chiller. The process starts over whenever you want a glass. Such a hassle, is it not? …

Color Changing Wine Label Lets You In On When The Wine Is Ready To Be Served

The question of when exactly is a white wine ready to be served has always been on discerning white wine drinkers’ mind. I am not into white wine, btw, and though I do drink some occasionally, the chill factor never bothers me, but for those who are particular about this exacting details, apparently, there’s table …

This Is Kuvée, A Connected Wine Bottle That Promised To Keep Wine Fresh

Good news, wine connoisseurs. If opening a bottle of wine, which inevitably exposed it to the cruel assault of air, makes it taste ‘bad’ in a couple of days, then Kuvée Smart Wine Bottle is your answer, or wine saviour, depending on how you look at it. For starter, Kuvée promised to keep your wine …

PaperBoy – Wine Bottled In Cardboard Bottles

tree-hugging wine lovers rejoice cos’ there is now an eco-friendlier way of drinking wine. no kidding. who would have thought it could happen? well, it all starts from the PaperBoy Wine, a wine born out of a collaboration between California-based green packaging firm Ecologic Brands and Sonoma County-based winery Truett-Hurst.

Fully Loaded Rednek Wine Stopper

unlike beers, wine drinking is never synonymous with manliness, but you could add a little macho-ness to your wine appreciation affair with this uber cool Fully Loaded Rednek Wine Stopper. if the sheer length – all 5 1/4 inches of it – does not let your favorite bottle of aged grape drink

Chateau Margaux 2009 Balthazar

what you see here is the Chateau Margaux 2009 Balthazar, the world’s most expensive bottle of wine, costing a whopping $195,000 per bottle and is being carried by fine wine retailer Le Clos. currently, on display at Le Clos’ flagship store at Dubai International, this 2009 vintage red wine is said to be the best vintages by Chateau Margaux.

Motorhead Shiraz – hard rocking wine

we all know Motorhead is a huge British rock legend, probably the biggest hard rock band since Led Zeppelin, but what we don’t know is, they have lend their name on high class, socialite alcoholic beverage, known as Motorhead Shiraz. if they had whisky or vodka or even beer to their name, we can totally