we all know Motorhead is a huge British rock legend, probably the biggest hard rock band since Led Zeppelin, but what we don’t know is, they have lend their name on high class, socialite alcoholic beverage, known as Motorhead Shiraz. if they had whisky or vodka or even beer to their name, we can totally understand the association (in fact, there are a bottle of vodka and lager to their name too) but a wine? really? yes, really. the Motorhead Shiraz is their full bodied wine with soft rounded tannins and fruity aroma – perfect to go with servings of lamb or beef, and if you prefer something less of an abs fat adder, pasta and flavorsome cheeses. just how many hard rocking, headbangers are wine drinkers, we are not sure but at just £19.99 (about US$31.50) per 750ml bottle, it won’t be difficult to find some converts along the way and perhaps, rocking to their concerts with a rack of lamp and a goblet of Motorhead Shiraz might be the rock-trendy thing. just perhaps and the signature Motorhead branding there on this Australian Shiraz just gives it a little more oomph. well, you can get too over and drink direct from the bottle like any drunken headbanger but we suggest not cos’ that’s not what matured rockers is about – and don’t expect the aging rockers to belt out ballad while you are sipping away – cos’ they don’t.

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