Tesla Tequila Is Back. Now With Sipping Glasses. No Wait… Awww…. It’s Gone, Again

Remember the $250 Tesla Tequila by Nosotros Tequila that was sold out as quickly as it went live on Tesla Motors’ website? Well, it is available again, this time as Tesla Tequila Limited Edition Set. No, wait. Wait… awww. It was sold out, again.

Robotic Arm Smart Milk Tea Vending Machine: Robots Are Taking Over The Job Of Selling Boba Tea Too

Talk about robots taking over our jobs… now even milk tea aka boba tea is not spared from robotic takeover. China’s vending machine specialist, Guangzhou Aiwan Network Technology aka iPlaysmart, is now selling Robotic Arm Smart Milk Tea Vending Machine. It is a robot, alright, albeit not the kind we may have imagined.

Do You Know There Was Once A Diamond Embellished Teabag That Was Worth £7,500 In 2009?

This may be an old news. A very, very old news, or 11 year old news to be precise. But in case you haven’t heard, there was once a teabag embellished with 280 diamonds. You know, the precious stones that are rumored to swoon any woman over? Yeah, those diamonds and on a teabag.

Bowmore x Aston Martin Black DB5 1964 Whisky Is As Exquisite As It Sounds

Drinking and driving don’t mix. But that does not mean a distillery can’t team up with an automaker. And team up Scottish distillery, Bowmore, and luxury sports car maker, Aston Martin did. The result of the collaboration is this: Bowmore x Aston Martin Black DB5 1964 Whisky.

Doctor At Luxury Resort Created Claims To Have Created Immunity Boosting Tea

The world is still learning about the novel coronavirus. While we do not fully comprehend this new strain of coronavirus that ravages the world as we speak, one thing for sure is, boosting immunity is one way that will help.

UCC Evangelion Giveaway Prizes Include A Rebuild Of Evangelion NERV Folding Container

Coinciding with the release of the Evangelion x UCC Milk Coffee Can on the April 20, Ueshima Coffee Co. (or better known as UCC) is holding giveaway that fans could bag themselves a range of prizes. This is actually the second giveaway campaign, dubbed Limited EVA Goods Gift Campaign.

City Hunter Single Malt Glenfarclas 2010 Whiskey Is Here To Mark 35 Years Of City Hunter

City Hunter is the one Japanese manga that turned me into a sexual deviant. OK. Just kidding. It did not, but the sexual overtone cannot be overstate – thanks to its borderline sexual pervert protagonist Ryo Saeba.