5-hour ENERGY X Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse Branded Pack With Collectible Figure

While Spider-Man does not need a shot of energy drink ever, mortals like us who sometimes ran out of energy may need and if you do and you are also a big fan of Spider-Gwen, then brace yourself because we have Spider-tastic news for you. Well, Spider-tastic if you live in Singapore.

The Macallan X 007 Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky: Six Bottles For Six Decades

We are 6 months late on this. But while the 60 years of James Bond was last year, technically it’s not over yet since Dr. No was released in October 1962. So we are good. We are still within the window. In any case, it should not matter if you a big fan of 007 …

Coca-Cola Japan’s Latest “Souvenir” Slim Bottle Features Mt. Fuji And Huge Waves

Here’s another Coca-Cola news out of Japan. While the fizzy drink did not have exotic flavors as KitKat does, it does get collectible bottles like the adorable 289 and 300 ml plastic bottles, the 300 ml aluminum bottle variety, and the 250 ml souvenir slim bottle which often features graphics marking festival, event, or organization …

G FUEL Teamed With Bandai Namco For Gundam Co-branded Energy Drink

A person’s energy can be used up but you can’t let that happen when you are defending the Earth Federation in a US$725 million mecha like a Mobile Suit Gundam. Enters the G FUEL MS-M31-0N, a limited-edition energy drink concocted by energy drink brand G FUEL, and video game developer and publisher, Bandai Namco, aims …

Bentley And The Macallan Reveal The Macallan Horizon Single Malt Whiskey

Drinking and driving do not mix but it never stops automakers and distilleries from serving up a bottle or two. The Bentley Motors x The Macallan is the latest to join this exclusive automobile x whiskey club. Bentley has collaborated with the world-renowned distillery for an exquisite distilled spirit bottled in an unparalleled vessel.