If Star Wars Universe Had Sodas, They Will Probably Look Like These

If you have a thing for Coca-Cola, then you will want to hit up Disneyland’s newest attraction, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge because, it is only there that you can find specially designed Galactic Bottles for sodas like Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite, and Dasani mineral water. OK, maybe the Dasani isn’t as impressive, but at it […]

Octopus And Squid Are Ocean Teabag’s Latest Whimsical Take Of Teabags

Drinking tea is a chill thing to do and to some extend, boring. If it’s not boring, then why do most people feel the need to read papers or in today’s context, stare intently at their smartphones while doing so? I’d say they probably won’t feel bored if the teabags have shape of Octopus and […]

Razer Wants To Boost Your Gaming Focus With This Energy Drink

It looks like Razer Toaster isn’t the only Razer April’s Fools prank-turned-real. We can now add energy drink to the list too. Razer had teased of a product called “RESPAWN” on Twitter a couple of days ago and on June 10, the gaming lifestyle company revealed that RESPAWN is in fact an energy drink. Razer […]

You Can Tap On Malibu NFC Bottle Cap For A Chance To Win Exclusive Prizes

Pernod Ricard USA’s Malibu, a premium Caribbean Rum with Coconut Liqueur, has just launched Connected Bottle. This limited edition bottle integrates Near Field Communication (NFC) into the cap of the bottle, as well as QR code printed on the bottle neck, in an effort to “deepen the brand’s relationship with Malibu consumers.”

evian’s Solution To Plastic Waste Is A Dispenser With Contracting Bubble

I do not have the luxury of consuming mineral water for my daily hydration need. I am old school. I drink water piped to my home, boiled. Plus, I use reusable bottle to contain it when I head out. Really, you should be ashamed if you depend on mineral water because, you are a contributor […]

Coca-Cola Launches Limited Edition Coke Zero Avengers: Endgame Cans

Cross collaboration between Marvel and Coca-Cola isn’t new. We have all seen Ant-Man and The Hulk’s Coca-Cola commercial. Well, now it looks like the Atlanta headquartered beverage giant and the current undisputed king of comics-to-silver screen company has come together again. This time, we hear that Coca-Cola has launched a movie tie-in campaign with the […]

PicoBrew Z Series Craft Beer System Does Cold Brew Coffee Too

From the maker who pretty much pioneered easy home craft beer brewing, PicoBrew, comes a new pro-grade, scalable brewing appliance called PicoBrew Z Series Craft Beer Appliance. What makes the Z Series stands out is not just its datacenter-inspired scalability; it is the one appliance that also does cold brew coffee (!) and kombucha, and […]

Here’s The White Walker-inspired Whiskey From Johnnie Walker

The folks in the Game of Thrones world probably don’t have Johnnie Walker to keep warm and cosy in the harsh cold winter of Westeros. Even if they had, I am not sure if they will be celebrating anything with White Walker Whiskey by Johnnie Walker. White Walker isn’t something to drink to, but over […]

Well, What Do You Know? Coca-Cola Coffee IS A Thing Now

If 2.83 mgs of caffeine per fluid ounce (9.58 mg/100 ml) found in the Coca-Cola Classic isn’t giving you enough kick, well, help is here and it is by the way of the Coca-Cola Plus Coffee Drink. You read that right. Coke Coffee is a thing now. It has graced the Japanese markets and now, […]

Beck’s Wants To Make Beer Classy With Champagne Glass-shaped Beer Can

When it comes to beer, it is certainly not the go-to alcoholic beverage for classy events like, say, reception of operas, galleries, or black tie event. The impression of beer is that of pubs, bars, man caves, or sporting events. In short, it is never about classiness. If anything, beer conjures up of rowdy crowd […]