Bentley And The Macallan Reveal The Macallan Horizon Single Malt Whiskey

Drinking and driving do not mix but it never stops automakers and distilleries from serving up a bottle or two. The Bentley Motors x The Macallan is the latest to join this exclusive automobile x whiskey club. Bentley has collaborated with the world-renowned distillery for an exquisite distilled spirit bottled in an unparalleled vessel.

Robotic Arm Smart Milk Tea Vending Machine: Robots Are Taking Over The Job Of Selling Boba Tea Too

Talk about robots taking over our jobs… now even milk tea aka boba tea is not spared from robotic takeover. China’s vending machine specialist, Guangzhou Aiwan Network Technology aka iPlaysmart, is now selling Robotic Arm Smart Milk Tea Vending Machine. It is a robot, alright, albeit not the kind we may have imagined.