Honda makes automobile, motorcycles, outboard motors and possibly, in near future, aircraft but a toaster? not that we have heard of but here it is, right before our disbelieving eyes, a Honda Toaster Oven from Sunbeam. what’s more unbelievable is, this vintage-style toaster is made from an actual Honda motorcycle gas tank (we know you already suspect that, don’t you?). little is known about this beauty but then again, why should there be a need to when all you need to know is you will have the perfect conversational piece in your kitchen where all your motorcycle junkie buds can get a toast or two right out of a part of the most passionate thing in your lives – a bike’s gas tank. we couldn’t emphasize more how we wish to own it but unfortunately, it will go under the gavel at The Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum (2950 Eatonton Road, Madison, Georgia), which we won’t be able to even sniff it. however, if you are keen on this Honda Toaster Oven (Lot 143), it is expected to fetch between $250-$500. so, get ready your air/bus ticket and get a lodging around the vicinity and ready to exercise your arm from the February 14-15, 2013 and oh, bring along your check book, cos’ there are tons of drool-worthy for you to splurge for you and your kids.

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