Apple-1 Computer With Original Box Signed By Steve Wozniak To Go On The Block

The original Apple-1 computer is a rarity today. Even rarer is one that was signed by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. Come December 10, there is just one such Apple-1 signed by Steve Wozniak going on the block, albeit the signature was on the original box.

Super Rare Nintendo And Sony Collab Video Game Console Prototype To Go Under The Hammer

The prototype video game console dubbed Nintendo Play Station we saw circulating the Internet back in 2015 will be auctioned of at Comics Signature Auction organized by Heritage Auctions on March 5-7, 2020.

Here’s Why This Vintage Star Wars Toy Is Selling For $365,000

Star Wars Celebration is about, well, celebration and not shocks, but during the celebration, something popped up that indeed raised some eyebrows. And that something was this: a vintage Star Wars Boba Fett action figure made by Kenner. It hailed from the year 1979 and it is one of three extremely rare action figures of […]

If James Bond Lives in 1800s, This Pocket Watch Camera Would Probably Be His Spy-cam of Choice

Mankind desire for concealed camera is not new, but do you know, human race has been experimenting and making concealable camera as far as back as 1800s? That’s 19th century, which at that point, was almost 300 years since the invention of camera and an era where camera was still a rather clunky device. The […]

This Vintage Multiblade Folding Knife Packs 100 Tools, Including a Functional .22 Caliber Revolver

When we talked about folding knife or Swiss Army knife, the image of a pocketable knife conjures up, but not in the case of the Multiblade Folding Knife. Hailed as the “Mother of all Swiss Arm knives,” this thing is a monster in the foldable knives’ world, both in terms of sheer size and number […]

Is This Game Console Relic Precursor of the Sony Playstation?

Game console exists as far back as the 60s, but it was only in the 1980s that the competition got really heated up. The competition continued into the 1990s, which saw Sega and Nintendo dominating the market. However, unbeknownst to many, during that time Japanese electronic giant, Sony was toying with the idea of a […]

In 1870s, They Actually Had Ring Pistol That Shoots Tiny Bullets

Looking at the “Femme Fatale” Ring Gun that hails from the 1870s, it kind of makes us feel ashamed about today’s conceal carry. As the name implies, it is gun which was designed to worn as a ring and totally capable of unleashing seven tiny leads at unsuspecting victims (whom are likely to be men). […]

This Beautifully Worn Hasselblad is the First Hasselblad in Space and it is Set to Hit the Auction Block

Can’t get enough of actual space exploration memorabilia? Well, here’s another one that might appeal to camera collectors and Hasselblad fans alike: Hasselblad 500c, the first Hasselblad in space. Set to go under the hammer at an auction in Boston organized by RR Auction, this piece of the space exploration history also boast the first […]

This 1957 Evinrude Flying Saucer Fishing Boat Is So Radical That It Should Be Called ‘Fishing Saucer’

this is not the latest in boat design, though it might look like one and we would obliged to think it will still look pretty out-of-this-world even in fifty years time. in fact, it was a designed circa 1950 by maritime company Evinrude and was said to be the work of Brooks Stevens. while the […]

This 1977 HP LED Calculator Watch Is Probably The Grandaddy Of Today’s Smartwatch

the 1977 Hewlett-Packard HP-01 Chrome Prototype LED Calculator Watch is a gadget of the bygone era which we think any geeks will appreciate. created by HP engineers in 1977, this wrist watch was the most technologically advanced intelligent timepiece that was well ahead of its time and could easily be the forefather of today’s smartwatches. […]