The prototype video game console dubbed Nintendo Play Station we saw circulating the Internet back in 2015 will be auctioned of at Comics Signature Auction organized by Heritage Auctions on March 5-7, 2020.

Initially, we weren’t 100 percent sure if it was the same vintage console we reported in 2015. But after cross-referencing with the details presented on Heritage Auctions, we are sure it is the same item. Though we may have made a couple mistakes.

Nintendo Play Station Prototype Auction

Olaf Olafsson (Ólafur Jóhann Ólafsson), who had this console, was the reportedly the first president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, NOT Nintendo. Also, Redditor Analogueboy’s dad did not picked up from the pile destined for trash. It got mixed up in a mystery box that was auctioned by the company.

Wait a minute. The story doesn’t seem to add up. Why do I get a feeling that someone had pulled bits and pieces to create a story of the origin of this fabled console? Or was our source wrong?

Nintendo Play Station Prototype Auction

Then again, the key person Olaf did appeared in both instances and so… Anywho, you know how is it with these vintage stuff. It always you say, I say. It’s never easy to hard find concrete proved of its origin especially when the item in question was never revealed to the public.

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Whether or not the story by HA or the so-called originator on Reddit sticks, we can’t say for sure.

In any case, if you are interested, the bidding for the Nintendo Play Station Prototype will kicked off starting February 14 with the action dates on March 5-7, 2020. So, keep note of the dates if you want a piece of gaming history.

Nintendo Play Station Prototype Auction

Images: Flickr (Mats Lindh)/Heritage Auctions.

Source: Kotaku.

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